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Yelp Says This State Has The Best Pizza—And It's Not New York

The winning location has a cult following.

From thin-crust versus deep-dish to whether pineapple belongs on it, pizza is something that has long had Americans divided. 

There are so many options, for one, and not to mention each state has its own signature way of serving up a pie. From toppings to crust styles, there's not much the country can agree on in terms of which is best. 

In commemoration of National Pizza Day, which was February 8, Yelp released a list of the top 100 pizza joints in the country—and to my New York-born surprise, the state did not top the chart. Read on to learn which state was crowned, and then check out 8 Worst Fast-Food Burgers to Stay Away From Right Now.

Coming in at number one on Yelp's list of the nation's top pizzerias was Cheese Board Pizza in Berkley, California. What makes the place so good, you ask? Many reviewers mention the fact that their pizza is made with a thin, sourdough crust and that they serve up exclusively vegetarian pies. 

spreading pizza dough

Reviewers also rave about the green sauce that is served alongside the pizza for dipping. While it's not clear exactly what's in it, copycat recipes online say that it's likely a mix of cilantro, garlic, serrano peppers, and olive oil. 

"What makes pizza from the Cheese Board truly stand out is the green sauce," one reviewer raves on Yelp. "This magical sauce, a perfect balance of herbs and peppers, is so special. I instantly regretted my decision to get the smaller tub of this sauce upon my first bite. From avocado toast to roasted vegetables, I can easily imagine topping many other dishes with this sauce—it's simply amazing."

New Yorkers can rest easy knowing that a pizzeria from their state landed the number two spot on the list: Prince Street Pizza in New York, New York. Known for its Sicilian pepperoni slices, the spot garners over 4,000 reviews on Yelp. 

It also offers a spicy vodka pizza—which is every pasta lover's dream: "The sauce is exactly as described: a classic vodka sauce with spice," one reviewer says. "The cheese was also a bit light, letting the sauce shine. A great choice for something more unique than cheese or pepperoni."

According to Yelp, pizza is one of the top five most searched items on the platform, and pizza variations are a regular top trend for users. So, what pizza trends does Yelp expect for the year to come?

"In 2021, Detroit-style pizza was a must-order dish with review mentions up 52%," Yelp says in a press release. "In 2022, we expect blonde pizza, often referred to as white pizza, to reign supreme."

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