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The Best Pizza Cities in the U.S.

See which cities came out on top!

Sure, you know about New York pizza and Chicago deep-dish, along with some of the regional delicacies like Detroit-style pizza or New Haven's "apizza." But can you name all of the best pizza cities in the United States?

Whether you're planning a road trip or just want to learn more about how many pizza styles are out there, we have you covered. LawnStarter ranked the best cities for pizza lovers, and there are some surprising additions to the list. Some of the factors LawnStarter used to determine its rankings included the number of pizzerias per resident, as well as the affordability of pizza in that city.

Here are the top 10 pizza cities in the country—how many have you been to?

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Richmond, Virginia


If you're a resident of this Southern city, be sure to take advantage of all of your local pizzerias!

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Cleveland, Ohio

new haven pizza

Two Ohio cities, Cleveland and Cincinnati, made the top 10 in LawnStarter's rankings. New York, who?

Atlanta, Georgia

frozen pizza cooked

Whether you want Neapolitan or Detroit-style pizza, there's no shortage of great pizza spots in Atlanta.

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Las Vegas, Nevada


While Las Vegas came in seventh place overall in LawnStarter's rankings, it came in third place among the "most popular pizza cities on Instagram," following just New York and Chicago. There are worst things you could do for the 'gram than enjoy a slice of pizza!

St. Louis, Missouri

homemade margherita pizza

If you haven't had thin-crust St. Louis pizza, you're missing out. LawnStarter also noted that St. Louis pizza tends to be more affordable than pizza from other cities.

Tampa, Florida

proscuitto pizza

You don't need to head to the northeast or the midwest for great pizza; you can get a great slice in Florida, too. Not sure where to start? Check out Creative Loafing's list of 25 essential Tampa pizza spots.

Cincinnati, Ohio

pizza add greens

Cincinnati has more than just Skyline Chili! It's also a great city to grab a slice or two.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

making pizza chunking cheese

Despite having regional pizza styles of their own, cities like New Haven and Detroit didn't break the top 10 in LawnStarter's rankings. Apparently, Pittsburgh is an underrated pizza city, too, with more pizzerias per resident than any other city. Who knew?

Chicago, Illinois

slice of deep dish pizza lifted out of pizza pan in chicago

Deep dish is almost as iconic as New York pizza—just don't tell Chicagoans that they ranked #2. LawnStarter's rankings found that 61% of Americans prefer thin-crust pizza, though, so it's no surprise that Chicago wasn't #1.

New York, New York

Slice new york pizza unhealthy guilty pleasure foods

Is there any better place to get pizza than the city that's home to countless wood-fired pizza restaurants, as well as the iconic dollar slice shops across Manhattan? Pizza lovers will never be bored in the Big Apple.

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