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10 Ultra-Effective Sleep Hacks For A Better Night's Rest

From eating a banana to sleeping with your socks on, listen up and take some notes.

One of the casualties of having sleepless nights is struggling through a full next day with absolutely no spark or energy. Whether you're feeling particularly stressed or suffer from insomnia, the inability to have a restful night's sleep can negatively impact every aspect of your life. If you're having trouble sleeping, you likely love learning about all the sleep tricks, tips, and best-kept secrets out there. According to Sleep Foundation, if you have the proper approach on deck, you will be well on your way to dreamland snoozing in mere minutes. You're in luck, because the most popular, best sleep hacks from TikTok have been revealed.

TikTok has posted quite a few relaxing sleep hacks, and the wellness experts at B-WELL CBD have checked them out. We have the scoop, so soon enough, you'll know how to doze off like a total pro. From eating a banana to sleeping with your socks on, listen up and take some notes. Read on to learn more about the best sleep hacks on TikTok you should try ASAP, and next, check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Leave your socks on if you want a restful snooze

Warm pink socks of an ill young woman

Warm feet are a total win for getting some solid sleep. Why? Well, rocking socks along with your PJs can enhance the blood flow to your feet, which leads to cooling down your body temp. So, leave your socks on if you want to fall asleep quickly and get a restful snooze.

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A spot of tea can be, well, spot-on

chamomile tea

Preparing a cup of chamomile tea can help you drift off to sleep. Make it in your favorite mug, and drink up. Then, get cozy under the covers and prepare to snooze.

Massage the area in back of your ear

massaging back of ear before sleep

Massaging the crevice in back of your ear in a circular pattern about 100 to 200 times is an excellent acupressure movement. The repetitive stimulation can be quite relaxing to your nervous system, according to this TikTok by Josh Hanson (@doctorhanson).

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Stretch it out, and take some deep breaths with yoga

woman's hands rolling out purple yoga mat

This TikTok sleep hack is demonstrated by ACSM Certified Nutrition & Fitness Expert Dinkrit Sethi. To do it, you'll park your bottom on your yoga mat near a wall, and get as close as you can to it. Straighten your legs on the wall, pointing both feet up to the ceiling. For around a minute, take some deep breaths. That's it before bedtime!

Bananas are the name of the sleep game


If you didn't know this already, potassium can calm your muscles, and magnesium can calm your mind. Bananas are chock-full of potassium and magnesium, so get ready to peel!

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Breathing exercises can be super helpful

woman doing breathing exercise in bed

For this TikTok exercise, spend 4 seconds breathing in with your nose. Then, for 7 seconds, hold your breath. For the next 8 seconds, you'll release the breath through your mouth. Complete four sets. This technique is dubbed "4-7-8 breathing."

Massage your feet

foot massage in bed before going to sleep

For this move—recommended by TikTok user Dr. Dawn Garrison—you will massage your foot's sole by rubbing the area between your heel and the bottom of your second toe. That's it!

Fool your brain

woman snuggles up in plush bed wearing pink sleep mask

Try fooling your brain into taking a nap. Don't stress thinking you're trying to sleep for the night—the genius idea here is to fool your brain into thinking you're just having a casual rest.

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A regular bedtime routine is key

drink tea and read book at night before bed

This TikTok hack recommends establishing a consistent routine before you turn in. The human brain adapts to consistency. So whether you listen to calming music, read, or journal, do the same restful activity each night.

No cell phones allowed in bed

woman texting in bed

Subjecting yourself to blue light before bedtime can seriously mess with your sleep. Scrolling through social media or texting friends in bed is a major no-no if you'd like to get a solid night's rest. TikToker Kien Vuu MD recommends parting with your phone around 2 hours before you go to sleep.

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