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The Internet Is Buzzing About a Chick-fil-A Cheeseburger—Here's Why

Does the mysterious item actually exist?

Chick-fil-A is so beloved and iconic that rumors of new menu additions can cause an instant internet frenzy. Especially when those additions seem like a complete departure from the chicken chain's usual purview.

Such is the case of the mysterious Chick-fil-A cheeseburger, which has started popping up on social media in recent weeks. TikTokers are reviewing the scrumptious-looking novelty, overwhelmingly giving the item—which includes cheese, grilled onions, and pickles—a thumbs up. It has even gotten favorable comparisons to In-N-Out's legendary burgers.

Sure, some fast-food chains are adding seemingly odd augmentations to their menu: Buffalo Wild Wings just introduced pizza, for example)—but Chick-fil-A is sadly not one of them. Just like its determination to keep its doors closed on Sundays, the home of the original chicken sandwich is sticking with chicken.

So why does everyone truly believe they're eating burgers from Chick-fil-A—and where exactly are these burgers coming from?

In September 2021 (just about a year ago), Chick-fil-A announced plans to launch a virtual delivery-only brand called Little Blue Menu, named after the original menu at the very first Chick-fil-A location. Its food is produced in a ghost kitchen that includes five distinct brands: Flock & Farm, Outfox Wings, Garden Day, Because Burger, and Chick-fil-A.

When customers place an order, they can mix and match between menus from all five brands, which is where the confusion begins. Additionally, the restaurant's food packaging contains Chick-fil-A's signage, making it seem like the burgers, for example, were indeed CFA branded.

Some people thought they were ordering their burger from Chick-fil-A via Little Blue Menu, but Chick-fil-A doesn't actually offer burgers. Instead, those delish burgers came from Because Burger, the latest restaurant to be added to Little Blue Kitchen's virtual roster on April 19.

"Testing a burger concept for people to mix and match with other menu offerings builds upon our desire to satisfy multiple cravings in just one delivery order," says Stuart Tracy, Little Blue Menu's principal culinary developer in a statement.

Don't, however, run to the site and place your order stat, though those TikTokers sure knew how to sell those burgers. So far, Little Blue Menu is only available in Nashville, Tenn., and in College Park, Md.

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