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Chrissy Teigen Just Shared an Easy and Healthy Salad Recipe

This crunchy and flavorful creation offers a sneak-peek at her new book, Cravings: All Together.

If you need some healthy lunch ideas, look no further than Chrissy Teigen's latest broccoli salad recipe with creamy cashew dressing.

On Sunday, Chrissy reposted a video on her Instagram account @cravingsbychrissyteigen of her cookbook co-author Adeena Sussman making this nutritious salad. Chrissy often posts recipes on her blog Cravings, but this is the first we're hearing of this cookbook-exclusive from the new book, Cravings: All Together.

The broccoli salad is the perfect way to incorporate more veggies into your diet. "This dressing will make you want to eat your greens," wrote Chrissy.

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It's a simple, three-step recipe: boil, blend, and garnish. So if you're on a time crunch this week, whip up this salad for a quick meal. All you have to do is boil broccoli, blend ingredients for the dressing, and then serve together with cashews, cranberries, and any other toppings.

Chrissy recommends making extra dressing so that you can use it for meals coming up too. "You'll want to make extra to drizzle the nutty, savory goodness on salads, vegetables, meat, and even noodles," she wrote. The best part about this salad is that it can be served cold or hot. Just pop the broccoli in the fridge after it's boiled if you're going for more of a cold, summer salad vibe.

Read on to see how Chrissy makes her broccoli salad recipe, and next, check out 50 Recipes You Need to Try in 2022.

Chrissy Teigen's Easy Salad Recipe

The first step is to trim and separate 2 medium heads of broccoli. Then boil the broccoli until it turns green. Chrissy leaves her broccoli on a paper towel while she moves on to the dressing, but you can put it in the fridge if you're making a cold salad.

Next, grab a blender to make your dressing. Chrissy blends together cashews, water, garlic, sesame oil, vinegar, sugar, jalapeno, soy sauce, and fish sauce for about one minute. Make sure all the nuts are fully blended so that you don't have any crunch in the dressing. Double or even triple the recipe if you want to have extra to add some flavor to other meals.

You can get creative with how you serve the salad, but Chrissy plates her broccoli with onions, cranberries, and cashews. Drizzle the dressing on the salad, and you're ready to eat! Read the full recipe here.

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