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Costco Just Announced It's Opening Up New Stores This Summer

The next four months are going to be busy for members around the world.

Costco has announced its summer expansion plans to launch new stores worldwide and expects to debut as many as 28 new warehouses in 2022, including 10 that are slated to open in the coming months. With summer right around the corner, members can expect more locations popping up, where they can stroll down the Costco aisles and snack at the beloved food court.

Costco's New Locations Coming Soon page lists all the new warehouses that are underway in countries like the U.S., Canada, and Japan. With the expansion moving full steam ahead, be sure to check out which months are scheduled for the most warehouse openings and to see if your city made the list! (And for more, read about why These Are Costco's Most Popular Items Right Now.)


Costco construction

Nearly two years after submitting the first site plan, Costco's newest Riverton, Utah store location is opening in May. The wait is over for Costco fans in the Mountain View Village area of Riverton as the store opens for business in only a couple of weeks—nearly two years after the first site plan was submitted.

While Costco's website doesn't provide too many details at the moment, what we do know is that the Riverton warehouse's grand opening will commence on May 19 and that it will increase the total number of locations in the state to 13 warehouses.


Costco construction

The city of Montreal, Canada will add another Costco location in Anjou during the first official month of summer, but it will be a little different than others. Costco says that the borough's sparkling new warehouse will be a Business Center.

Unlike the average warehouse, the Costco business center offers specialty items that are often not found at the regular stores, along with other perks like earlier store hours and a larger product selection.

Ontario, Canada will also join the country's pool of over 100 Costco stores as a North Oshawa location is also expected to open in June.


Costco construction

Costco has over 100 million members around the globe, and another international location is joining the ranks in the heat of the summer. Mibu, Japan will soon open a warehouse this July, nearly 24 years after the first opened its doors for business. In 1999, Costco opened the first Japanese warehouse and has since expanded to 30 stores as of 2021.

Unlike the United States, Business Insider reported that Japan's Costcos are open every day of the year, except for January 1st. The article also states that the warehouses in this country offer a wider food selection and cheaper membership fees (only $32 for a basic membership)!


Costco new construction

This summer month appears to be Costco's most popular month for store openings this year. A whopping six different store locations are slated for opening both in the U.S. and internationally.

Murrieta, Calif. and Verona, Wis. are just two of the four U.S. areas that are pending new warehouse openings in August. Down South, members will find new locations in St. Augustine, Fla., and College Station, Texas.

In New Zealand, the city of Auckland will also be getting a warehouse, along with the city of Gimhae in South Korea.

Despite all these openings, Costco's Rumored Membership Fee Increase Rivals Inflation.

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