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Costco May Finally Open Its First Warehouse In This State

There are only four states that don’t have a Costco warehouse.

Costco already has 572 locations across the country, each of which is stocked with about 4,000 products. However, America's largest warehouse chain is continuing to grow, and it may finally open its first warehouse in one northern state.

Costco has submitted plans to build its first-ever warehouse in Maine, according to the Portland Press Herald. The proposal for a "161,000-square foot retail/wholesale building and gas station" is scheduled to be reviewed by the Scarborough Planning Board on Monday, Jan. 31.

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Of course, it's worth noting that nothing is set in stone as of yet. Last month, CEO Richard Galanti revealed plans to open 23 new warehouses in 2022, but Maine wasn't name-checked during that Q1 earnings call. Scarborough isn't currently listed on the "new locations coming soon" section of Costco's website, and the Portland Press Herald wasn't able to reach the retailer for further comment. 

Costco has a cult-like following, with more than 100 million members worldwide who are obsessed with the warehouse chain. Between its beloved selection of bulk products and popular savings events, it may come as surprise that the proposal was greeted with open arms by Mainers who've long yearned for a store in their state. Currently, the closest Costco warehouses to Maine are located in Nashua, N.H., and Danvers, Mass.


"I've wanted a Costco in Maine forever," one resident commented on the Portland Press Herald's website. "It is NOT just another big box store! It's a great employer and wonderful to customers."

"Finally!" another added. "I hope it becomes a reality."

At least for now, Maine is one of only four states that doesn't have a Costco warehouse. The other three are Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

"This is exciting. I know they're a good employer and do things right," Curtis Picard, president and CEO of the Maine Retail Association, told Mainebiz. "Maine already has a BJ's and Sam's Club, so this will be another option for shoppers. It tends to be a destination store."

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Kristen Warfield
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