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What Happened to This One Costco Fan Will Warm Your Heart

And it's all thanks to a viral set of Tweets that made their way to the CEO!

Thousands of Americans are currently struggling with unemployment, and one dad from Michigan shared a similar misfortune—he was laid off during the pandemic. As things started to return to normal, the man, whose name is Jeff, wanted nothing more than to get back to work and enlisted the help of his daughter Rebecca to fix his resume.

But Rebecca went a step further. She took to Twitter to document their conversation and revealed her dad's dream job would be to work at Costco.

Besides sprucing up his resume, Rebecca even tweaked her dad's old-fashioned email address to something more eye-catching.

Then she went on to explain why her dad is basically an ideal employee—she put him on Costco's radar and described his sunny disposition and nacho-making abilities.

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After the original tweet gained thousands of likes and retweets, people started following Jeff's story. Luckily, it ended up catching the eye of a manager from a local Costco warehouse who messaged Rebecca about her dad.

He sent in an application, was hired, and promptly started working at his favorite retailer! But no one knew who the new guy was until he told them.

As it turns out, Costco's CEO Craig Jelinek (who famously said the price of the hot dog + soda combo at the food court will never go up) may have helped with getting Jeff his new job, according to TODAY. In addition to the manager mentioning him in the direct message, Rebecca thanked Jelinek in a Tweet, adding that the head of the company found her story on Twitter.

In the end, it seems that no matter how it happened, Jeff is simply happy to be working, and that's all Rebecca can ask for.

Hundreds of congratulations came pouring in after Rebecca shared the entire story in real-time, including one from a publisher named Lauren Wolfe, whose dad had a similar experience with Walmart.

Other people shared their happy experiences working for Costco, wishing Jeff luck.

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