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America's Largest Pizza Chain Announces Changes to Its Most Popular Deal—and You Won't Like Them

The deal as we know it is becoming extinct.

The restaurant industry is struggling with labor and ingredient shortages as well as volatile sales that are still at the mercy of pandemic-related restrictions. So one of the immediate ways chains are looking to improve their revenues is by cutting out value deals and promo offers that were, perhaps, too good to be true for their own benefit.

Burger King announced it would be reducing the number of promotions it runs overall, and is getting rid of paper coupons for deals like Buy One, Get One for $1 and 2 for $6. The Olive Garden recently ended its Never-Ending Pasta Bowl deal, one of the most popular promotions in restaurant chain history.

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The latest chain to announce major changes to a beloved, nationally-available deal is Domino's. America's largest pizza chain will be ending a popular long-standing deal—at least the version of it we've grown to know and love. According to CEO Ritch Allison, the $7.99 carryout deal is going digital-only, which means you won't be able to take advantage of it if you're ordering over the phone or in person. However, it will still be available through the chain's website ordering system and its mobile app.

But even its value is diminishing. The deal gives you the option of a three-topping pizza or a 10-piece chicken wings order and, in a few weeks, the wings option will be reduced to 8 pieces only.

Luckily, the other popular value offer synonymous with Domino's—the $5.99 Mix and Match delivery deal—will remain unchanged for now.

According to Restaurant Business, the changes are motivated by the chain's rising costs of food, which are expected to increase another 8% to 10% this year. Furthermore, labor costs will keep rising as well.

"We expect unprecedented increases in our food cost basket versus 2021," Allison said at a conference this week. "I think many of you are aware of the significant inflation across the U.S. economy and how that is hitting many of the inputs that we have for our business, from meats to cheese to some of the grains that go into the production of our products."

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