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These Fast-Food Brands Are Opening Hundreds of New Locations

These growing chains may be coming to a location near you.

There is nothing slow about the growth of fast-food restaurants in America. Not only are legacy brands making economic gains post-pandemic, but the market is still open for new and exciting chains to begin expanding.

In fact, according to Market Data Forecast, the rapid expansion of fast-food chains will be a major contributor to their future, which is envisioned to reach $931.7 billion by 2027, an almost 300-billion-dollar growth from 2021. The report indicates that both variety and health-conscious options will be a driver for growth.

Recently, multi-unit franchising has taken off, with many beloved chains securing deals and expanding outside their existing regions. Established chains like Papa John's and Qdoba have made some of the largest deals in their respective histories, while smaller restaurants are securing their first expansions out of their locales.

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In the "health-centric" category of fast-food franchises, WaBa Grill, a healthy rice bowl chain, is expanding with 13 stores throughout Central California. Additionally, Clean Juice, an organic juice bar, is entering its thirty-first state with 14 new locations, and Ike's Love & Sandwiches, specializing in vegetarian and vegan options, is broadening its scope into California and Arizona.

SkinnyFATS, a budding franchise known for its combination menu of healthy and hearty options, will be testing out a new Colorado market. The chain, originally from Las Vegas, currently has five locations in Nevada and one in Salt Lake City.

Several chains with more traditional fast-food offerings are working on establishing a bigger footprint. Weinerschnitzel, "the world's largest hot dog franchise," just announced a development agreement for 20 new locations in Arkansas over the next 12 years. Growing franchise, Fuzzy's Taco Shop, currently has 150 units and is following suit with another 50 restaurants slated to open in the South. The move will expand it into Alabama, North Carolina, and Tennessee, among other existing southern markets.

Blaze Pizza also had a great year and the fast-casual chain intends to keep its momentum. A new franchise agreement was just finalized intending to expand the brand's presence across Chattanooga, bringing three new units to southern Tennessee. Last year, the chain made significant moves to expand in new markets, with 14 new restaurants in Texas, Florida, Nevada, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and California.

Not all fast food companies are fairing well after the pandemic, however. For more, check out The Only Two Major National Fast-Food Chains That Are Still Lagging In Sales.

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