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Golden Corral Denies a Steak Shortage That Started a Customer Brawl

A major fight erupted last week at a location in Pennsylvania.

Friday night dinner at a Golden Corral location in Bensalem, Pa. turned into a massive brawl involving as many as 40 people. Initial reports alleged the reason behind the fight was a shortage of steak, but Golden Corral has denied this is the case.

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Footage captured by an eyewitness on January 28 shows a massive fight erupting in a Golden Corral dining room after a large crowd can be seen arguing. Eventually, punches and even chairs are thrown, at which point customers begin dispersing and jumping over chairs to get away from the scuffle. Several individuals can be seen attempting to hit each other with furniture while the restaurant's staff gets between them to try and break up the fight.

As reported by CBS News Philly, the Bensalem police confirmed an argument among customers sparked the incident but were still investigating exactly what caused the argument and who started the fight. The instigator(s) could face several charges including simple assault.

A person close to the incident told CBS Philly that the fight started because of a steak shortage.

"There was a shortage of steak and two parties were involved and one family cut in front of another family, they were taking their time and they ran out of steak and it got into a heated exchange at the tables," said Gaven Lauletta, a friend of a former Bensalem Golden Corral employee.

An unidentified man in the video can be heard saying "All I wanted was some steak!"

But a spokesperson for Golden Corral told Eat This, Not That! that the incident was sparked due to a misunderstanding at the steak ordering station, which had nothing to do with a shortage. The chain currently isn't experiencing any kind of shortage of meat, the spokesperson confirmed.

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