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This Groundbreaking New Taco Bell Location Is Opening Its Doors Tomorrow

One lucky American city is getting the futuristic restaurant.

For residents of Brooklyn Park, Minn., a suburban city on the west bank of the Mississippi River, tomorrow is a big day for hitting the drive-thru. Especially if their fast food meal of choice consists of gorditas, chalupas, and nachos.

That's because Taco Bell is opening its most innovative, fastest restaurant yet. The future of the brand, called Taco Bell Defy, has arrived.

Picture this: Four drive-thru lanes with the goal of serving drive-thru customers in under two minutes; digital check-in screens for mobile orders with unique QR codes; a two-way audio and video service for customers to talk to team members; and a proprietary vertical lift that will deliver food from the second-floor kitchen down to the cars. It's all very sci-fi, and according to Taco Bell, it's where the brand is headed.

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taco bell defy drive-thru
Courtesy of Taco Bell
taco bell defy to-go order
Courtesy of Taco Bell

The groundbreaking concept was designed and executed in partnership with Border Foods, one of Taco Bell's largest franchisees. Minneapolis-based Vertical Works Inc. also assisted in the innovation, design, and manufacturing of the concept, which broke ground last summer. Tomorrow marks a revolutionary day for both the brand and the industry. It's a perfect time, too, as Taco Bell celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

"Taco Bell Defy embodies the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit of Minnesota businesses and franchisees," said Lee Engler, co-founder and CEO of Border Foods, in a press release. "It is a creative, technological solution for a faster, contactless experience for as many Taco Bell fans as possible and is poised to be the future of quick-service dining."

Taco Bell Defy's four lanes can accommodate orders no matter how they're placed.

For pre-orders: When anyone orders via the Taco Bell app, available on both the Apple App Store or Google Play, they'll score skip-the-line service.

For delivery drivers: Ordering through a third-party delivery partner? No problem for you—or for them. Drivers will be able to process orders and pick up the food faster than ever.

For traditional drive-thru goers: There's one lane dedicated especially to you. That last-minute detour on the way home from work has never been more efficient.

What's next? According to Taco Bell, many of Defy's features could show up in future Taco Bell restaurants across the U.S. In the meantime, look out for potential retrofits that could be made to neighboring Taco Bells. But for now, 5931 94th Ave N is where it's at.

Brooklyn Park is the sixth-largest city in Minnesota, with a population of more than 86,000 people. And it appears many of them took advantage of the soft opening.

Twitter user @KysotaGold said, "Taco Bell Defy might be the coolest thing I've done."

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