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Taco Bell Is Opening This Revolutionary New Restaurant

With the fastest pickup service ever.

When it comes to restaurant design, Taco Bell is leading the pack. Now more than ever, customers want a faster contactless experience, and the chain has been putting in the work to provide just that with its new Go Mobile locations. But it has now taken things a step further with an even more advanced design that will provide the fastest Taco Bell experience yet.

Enter Taco Bell Defy, the latest layout innovation from the tech-forward chain. The first Defy restaurant, designed and executed in partnership with Border Foods, one of the chain's largest franchisees, will be a 3,000-square foot, two-floor location featuring a first-of-its-kind vertical design—with a kitchen on top and four drive-thru lanes underneath.

According to Taco Bell's press release, this setup will enable the fastest pickup experience the chain has ever been able to offer.

Here's a look inside this Taco Bell of the future as well as the details on where and when you'll be able to visit it. And for more, check out Taco Bell Just Launched These New Tacos.

Four drive-thru lanes

taco bell defy mobile pickup
Courtesy of Taco Bell

Instead of just one drive-thru lane dedicated to mobile or delivery order pickups, the new design will feature three. This will ensure that guests pass through the lanes with their food in hand quickly and smoothly. Of course, the restaurant will still have a traditional drive-thru lane that's ready to take your order.

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Vertical food lifts

taco bell defy night
Courtesy of Taco Bell

But maybe the biggest innovation is the new pickup elevators, which will deliver the food from the second-floor kitchen down to the drive-thru after the customer scans a QR code confirming their digital order at new check-in screens.

Video chatting with staff

taco bell defy exterior
Courtesy of Taco Bell

Instead of encountering a Taco Bell staff member during pickup, customers will be able to communicate with them through a two-way audio and video system.

The first Taco Bell Defy will open next year

taco bell defy
Courtesy of Taco Bell

The first Defy location is set to break ground in Brooklyn Park, Minn. this month and will open its doors to customers as early as next summer.

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