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Hailey Bieber Shares Her Exact Butt Workout

The model doesn't cut any corners when it comes to her exercise routine.

Hailey Bieber may have genetics to thank for her model looks, but it's her hard work in the gym that keeps her so fit. Now, the star is revealing the exercise routine she sticks to in order to maintain her amazingly toned physique. Read on to discover Bieber's exact lower body workout. For more on how your favorite stars tone up, Cindy Crawford Reveals Her Exact Workout for Flat Abs.

She does weight-based workouts to tone up her lower half.

It's not hours of running or time spent on the elliptical that keep Bieber's lower half in such amazing shape. Instead, the star relies on a series of weight-based moves including kettlebell squats, barbell squats, inverted V planks, mountain climbers, and plate pushes.

The star's trainer, Kevin Mejia, shared a video of Bieber's workout progress to the Dogpound L.A. gym Instagram account. "WELCOME TO SMASH CITY," Dogpound captioned the clip. For more on how celebs stay in shape, Kate Hudson Reveals Her Exact Workout for a Toned Butt.

She loves Pilates.

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Bieber doesn't exclusively do weight training to maintain her shape, however. In a Dec. 2020 interview with Harper's Bazaar, she opened up about her go-to workout routine.

"I used to be a dancer, so I love Pilates because it really elongates and strengthens my muscles. That's probably my favorite workout," she told the magazine.

She boxes.

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While strength training may be a top priority for Bieber, she also makes sure to get her heart pumping with regular cardio.

"[I] recently started to box for some cardio," she told Bazaar. "I found that remembering the combinations and learning how move your body in boxing has been good for mental health."

She limits her meat intake.

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Bieber also tries to stick to a balanced diet to maintain both her health and her shape.

"I tried a plant-based diet for two months during quarantine," she told Bazaar. "I felt great and I had a lot of energy, but it was not for me. I don't eat a strictly plant-based diet and I do still eat meat. I just don't eat a lot of it. I've picked up more fish, greens, and lentils."

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