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Jack in the Box Just Added These 4 Indulgent New Menu Items

The bacon-loaded cheeseburger just got three times bigger.

The Jack in the Box menu is expanding again. The company recently unveiled four new menu items, including a new bacon burger, french fries, and pastry dessert—the latest move in a recent push to increase its premium offerings.

Chief among the new additions is the incredibly indulgent Triple Bacon Cheesy Jack. The new item is a triple-patty burger with three kinds of cheese and three kinds of bacon—a kind of "more is more" take on the chain's previous Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger. The deluxe sandwich can be upgraded even further to Quad Bacon Cheesy Jack, which takes things up a notch with a fourth patty, a fourth slice of cheese, and more bacon.

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Also launching are Jack in the Box's first cheesy fries. Roost Fries feature a layer of Jack in the Box fries piled high with chicken tenders and topped with cheese sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, and a new Roost Sauce. They come in two varieties, Classic and Spicy, the latter of which is garnished with sliced jalapeños and a "spicy mystery sauce."

The third offering builds out the chain's dessert category. New Chocolate Croissant Bites, essentially a breakfast item retooled as a dessert, continue the longtime Jack in the Box strategy of blurring dayparts, encouraging customers to forgo meal schedules and order according to their "craving." These small croissant pieces, stuffed with chocolate and served warm, mark a new brand collaboration with Hershey's.

On a larger scale, Jack in the Box is doubling down on a business strategy that has been paying off in the past two quarters. According to the chain's latest earnings report, Jack in the Box's record earnings in late 2020 and early 2021 have been driven largely by greater engagement from "core customers" in addition to "larger average checks."

In fact, in the most recent quarter, company stores reported a decrease in transaction volume but an increase in average check size. According to CEO Dan Harris, this was largely due to "a shift toward [Jack in the Box's] core premium entrée, combined with an increase in items per order reflecting larger parties."

With these latest additions, Jack in the Box is hoping to capitalize on a growing preference among its customers for premium offerings and for-the-table-style side dishes. They have successfully made their bacon burger bigger, but can they do the same with their sales?

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