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Try the Latest "Jello Skin" Trend for the Healthiest Glow Yet

Does your skin bounce back?

If you're always on the ready to learn the absolute best techniques to achieve wholesome, beautiful, undeniably radiant skin, pay close attention. We're here to share the latest and greatest TikTok obsession to include in your skincare regimen called "jello skin." Read on and try this trendy routine for healthy, glowing skin. And next up, don't miss The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Internal nourishment and an overall healthy lifestyle are the keys to obtaining "plump, elastic skin"

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The term "jello skin" is the wonderful creation of TikTok user and beauty fanatic Ava Lee—@glowwithava on TikTok—as a way to obtain radiant, healthy, and plump skin. Ava has 1.4M followers on TikTok and posts videos you'll be obsessed with, from testing out clean mineral tinted sunscreens and a pampering in-flight maskne routine, to showing how she packs her skincare products for trips, making her jello skin elixir and "beauty rice," and even doing a facial massage for plump jello-like skin.

Lee explains to POPSUGAR that your skin isn't something to simply care for on the outside—it has so much to do with internal nourishment as well. She embellishes on the jello skin process, telling the outlet, "It is about having a lifestyle that focuses on both external and internal nourishment that allows you to have plump, elastic skin, and this cannot be achieved with just a skin-care product. If anything, there is less emphasis on skin-care products but more an emphasis on your diet, facial massage, and overall lifestyle."

Lee further describes the ultimate goal of attaining jello skin is to have an elasticity that can bounce back, similar to that of jello, consistently stressing that healthy food and lifestyle habits are key.

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Glowing "jello skin" basically means how much collagen is present in your skin

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Although jello means a delicious, wiggly snack to most of us, when it comes to jello skin, it's an abbreviation. Why jello? Lee's inspiration occurred after enjoying a facial with Lord Gavin McLeod-Valentine, a famous aesthetician for celebs like Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, and more. Lee tells POPSUGAR, "He was impressed by how much collagen I have in my skin and how bouncy it was. Although coined after this facial, the process of getting this kind of skin was a long time coming."

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There's a "jello skin elixir" you can make right at home

jujube dates jello skin elixir

If you want to reach "jello skin" status, Lee suggests starting with a healthy diet consisting of foods rich in collagen and colored fiber. Her "jello skin elixir" is complete with apples, red jujube dates, goji berries, fungus mushrooms, and an herbal brown sugar cube. She suggests drinking it every day.

Don't forget to do facial massages and exercises

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Another step that's critical is massages and facial exercises, which can be done by hand—and you're in luck, because Lee shows exactly how to do one on TikTok. If you want to take your skincare routine up a notch, Lee also suggests using a gua sha tool.

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