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Kate Beckinsale's Cat Yoga Workout Shows How She Stays So Sculpted at 48

It's purrfect inspiration for yogis and fitness fans.

Kate Beckinsale recently shared some fitness videos on Instagram with her 5.4M followers, and let's just say the content is full of purrfect yoga inspiration. Not only is Beckinsale rocking some pretty cool Bo+Tee athletic apparel, but the actress can be seen doing a move with one of her adorable, undoubtedly cool cats, Clive. Read on to learn more about Kate Beckinsale's yoga routine, and next, check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Fans are here for Kate Beckinsale's cat yoga workout

Kate Beckinsale in white gown
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The comments on Beckinsale's post are great. A few of our favorites? "Cat Yoga! Love it!" Another Instagrammer wrote, "The tricky 'superman cat' yoga position," while others commented, "Balance & fun," and, "Resistance training is the key."

Cat yoga has been around for a bit. In fact, an animal shelter in Denver, Colorado has a "Cats on Mats" class. Yoga and cat enthusiasts alike can participate in a class with kitties to benefit Denver Animal Protection.

The Serendipity star's video shows just how much fun doing yoga with your best fluffy friend can be. In the first video, Beckinsale moves into several poses, including a forward fold, tree pose, and warrior III. The second video, which happens to be our favorite, is a lift Beckinsale's doing with her furry friend while lying on her back. Of course, the feline is dressed in style for the video, color-coordinated in white, matching the star's leggings and headband.

Kate Beckinsale is no stranger to showing off her adorable fluffy cats—Clive (grey Persian) and Willow (white Persian)—on the 'gram, in addition to her pup, Myf. She previously revealed about Clive via Entertainment Tonight, "He's really down to wear costumes, he's down to do a little dance, he's down to do some boxing. I guess everybody's cat isn't like that so people are down to see him." We are so here for the cuteness!

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Yoga is chock-full of wellness benefits

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Yoga provides a wealth of wellness benefits when done regularly. It's energizing, improves your balance, strength, and flexibility, improves relieves symptoms of arthritis, and it's great for your heart health. It's also a relaxing form of exercise as well as a natural stress reliever. Yoga can help to improve your quality of sleep, while also improving your mood.

Another benefit? It's extremely therapeutic for back pain. In fact, the American College of Physicians suggests performing yoga when suffering from chronic pain in your lower back as a "first-line treatment."

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It can be a great treatment for lower back pain

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Back in September, Kate Beckinsale was reportedly hospitalized for a back injury. According to, cat pose (and turning it into cat-cow pose) is a great way to exercise and stretch your muscles and work your spine if you have issues in that area. Based on the happy tail wagging in Beckinsale's Instagram video, yoga can be pretty fun playtime for cats, too.

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