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America's Largest Grocery Chain Is Making This Major Change To Its Checkout Lanes

It solves a common problem for shoppers.

When it comes to checking out at the grocery store, most places allow customers the choice between a self-checkout or a cashier lane. For a trip with a lot of items, the small area provided can be difficult when trying to scan them. At least until now. 

Kroger has finally unveiled a solution for grocery shoppers with full baskets at self-checkout. America's largest supermarket chain has been testing its new high-tech belted self-scanning service. While the old self-checkout lanes were small, these new lanes feature full, rolling belts—just like the ones the cashiers use.

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The technology is expanding to 20 Cincinnati-area stores, as well as Dayton and Troy, in Ohio, and six locations in Kentucky, according to WCPO 9 News. And the grocer has plans for more locations this fall.

The belt will automatically move groceries down the lane, just like a traditional conveyor belt and employee scanning would. When the items get to the loading area a bagger will pack your products, according to Kroger's Jenifer Moore. Essentially, shoppers only do their own scanning. But just in case you need them, cashiers won't disappear.

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"These stores will continue to have traditional checkout lanes with cashiers and courtesy clerks to assist customers and will also keep their existing self-checkout lanes," Moore said.

Because many grocery stores are experiencing staffing shortages or rush hours that cause long wait times, it's good to have the option of self-service. That's not the only perk that Kroger has been rolling out lately, however.

The company announced in June it will now be expanding its Boost membership program that started last November as well as increasing the number of electric charging stations in its parking lots.

"Increasing our customers' access to EV charging stations at convenient Kroger locations supports our collective transition to a lower-carbon economy," said Yael Cosset, Kroger's senior vice president and chief information officer. "We are leveraging technology and innovation to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and are offering customers easy ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle."

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