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This Major Chain Is Giving Away Free Pizza For a Year

And has enlisted the help of a former quarterback.

Pizza is synonymous with Super Bowl Sunday. Last year, during Super Bowl LV, football fans ordered roughly 12.5 million pizzas on game day—which works out to about one pizza for every seven Super Bowl viewers. That's a lot of 'za!

This year, though, pizza will play an even bigger role in the Super Bowl, thanks to a new giveaway from Papa John's. The beloved brand is teaming up with former New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez to launch a two-week-long pizza sweepstakes. The grand prize? A year's worth of free Papa John's pizza (which should see you through to Super Bowl LVII).

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Entry into the pizza giveaway is simple. All fans need to do is head over to Twitter or Instagram and create a post about their preferred pizza-eating style, using the hashtags #whatsyourstyle #sweepstakes. Papa John's wants to know: do you prefer to eat your pizza folded in half? Crust-first? On a plate with a fork and knife? No wrong answers here!

With the sweepstake launching earlier this week, Eat This, Not That! had the chance to speak to Sanchez and Papa John's about the new partnership and pizza giveaway. As a former player for the New York Jets, Sanchez is a longtime fan of New York-style pizza, and already counts Papa John's NY Style Pizza (which debuted just a couple of months ago) among his go-to orders from the chain.

In fact, he'll probably be ordering a NY Style pie next week for Super Bowl Sunday. "I think this year I'm just going straight up Papa John's pizza," he said about his catering plans for game day. Like many New York-style pizza lovers, Sanchez enjoys the thinner pizza for its foldability: "It just makes so much sense to get a nice thin slice…[and a] big piece that you can fold over in half and dip in the garlic sauce . . . that's my go-to."

Sanchez isn't alone in his preference. In a survey of four thousand people, Papa John's found that more than half of all respondents preferred NY Style's thin crust to any other kind of regional pizza. (The survey also found, intriguingly, that over 50% of football fans in Cincinnati prefer garlic butter as a condiment for their pizza.)

In terms of pizza-eating style, Sanchez prefers a classic pizza fold—and he does not, for the record, eat his pizza crust-first. According to the survey, he's with the majority on this one: just 16% of all survey respondents reported that they eat their pizza back-to-front.

Regardless of your own preferred pizza flavor and pizza-eating style, Papa John's new #whatsyourstyle sweepstakes is a pizza event you won't want to miss out on. So go get Tweeting! You might just win a year's worth of free pizza.

Owen Duff
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