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McDonald's Has Sold Out of This Extremely Popular New Sandwich

The Chicken Big Mac is temporarily off the menu in the UK.

McDonald's recently added a limited-time chicken sandwich to its menu in the United Kingdom, and the new item has been so popular that almost all restaurants across the country are now sold out of it.

Citing "incredible" demand for the Chicken Big Mac, McDonald's UK announced this week on Twitter that it is pulling the item off the menu. According to a company representative who confirmed the news to Business Insider, the sandwich will be missing only temporarily, while the suppliers and restaurants restock ingredients. The item is set to return in a few weeks, and McDonald's will keep customers informed of the timing.

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mcdonald's chicken big mac
Courtesy of McDonald's UK

The new sandwich is basically a Big Mac that features two chicken patties in place of beef ones, and those who have tried it have reported back with mixed reviews. While some have found the Chicken Big Mac to be impressive, others have had complaints about the dryness of the chicken patty, which allegedly tastes like one big chicken nugget.

Interestingly, the item has been available in Australia for years. However, it isn't available to American customers, who can seek solace in the three premium chicken sandwiches launched in the United States in February 2021.


The popularity of this limited-time launch in the United Kingdom is reminiscent of the first launch of the Spicy Chicken McNuggets in the United States in 2020. The new nuggets, as well as the corresponding spicy dipping sauce, sold out only a few weeks after the initial launch thanks to unprecedented demand. While limited-time items usually hang around the menu while supplies last, McDonald's was caught off guard with the success of the item and decided to bring the nuggets back for another short run in February of 2021.

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