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Man Finds This Gross McDonald's Discovery During Home Renovation

It was a Mickey D's time capsule.

During a recent home renovation, an Illinois man got a bit more than he bargained for while opening up a part of his house.

Tucked away inside Rob Jones' wall was a McDonald's bag from the 1950s—complete with burger wrappers and old, half-eaten french fries.

Despite being a bit discolored, the french fries were shockingly still intact nearly 60 years later. While it's unclear what process was used back then, today, the fries are dipped in a dextrose solution to prevent graying.

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retro mcdonald's sign

"We pulled the rag out and could feel something wrapped inside it," Jones told Fox 10. "We were happy to find just the McDonald's bag and not something worse."

The logos on the bag and wrappers that Jones found depict Speedee, the fast-food chain's first and original mascot predating Ronald McDonald. He's holding a sign that reads "I'm speedier" and "custom-built hamburgers."

Jones said his home was built in 1959 and is just down the road from an original McDonald's in the region. According to him, despite being hidden in a wall for so many years, the leftover fries did not smell bad.

"Had we not been renovating they probably would've sat there another 60 years," Jones said.

Jones posted the photo of the fries on Reddit but has since deleted the post. Comments poured in with jokes about Jones giving the fries a taste test.

"The way it crumbles into petrified potato dust… So good," one commenter joked. "I recommend pairing them with ketchup."

While the possibilities are endless, no one can really know for sure why the fries were hidden inside the wall. But one thing's for certain: if you're going to hide a snack for later, don't forget where you stashed it!

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