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McDonald's Is Testing This New Breakfast Sandwich

The new chicken filet lands on a biscuit.

McDonald's fans in California will soon get to try a brand new breakfast option at select locations, as the chain launches a test for its latest menu addition.

According to Brand Eating, the fast-food giant is taking its new crispy chicken filet, featured prominently in the three new chicken sandwiches launched this year, and adding it to a biscuit, for a breakfast sandwich that's more indulgent than most of their morning offerings. The new Crispy Chicken Breakfast Sandwich is made with butter, honey sauce, the fried chicken filet, and applewood-smoked bacon, and can be served on either a warm biscuit or toasted English muffin.

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mcdonalds breakfast sandwich
Courtesy of McDonald's

The sandwich is the only breakfast menu item made with McDonald's new chicken filet, but it isn't the only item made with chicken. Let's not forget the McChicken Biscuit and Chicken McGriddle, which are also currently being offered at select locations. However, those two sandwiches are made with the old McChicken filet, which makes them about $2 cheaper than the new offering.

The Crispy Chicken Breakfast Sandwich is currently available only at participating locations in the Sacramento-Stockton area of the Golden State. For more on the latest news from the chain, check out 5 New Menu Items McDonald's Is Releasing This Year, and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest restaurant news delivered straight to your inbox.

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