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McDonald's Is Handing Out Major Burger Deals This Weekend

Here's how to nab these freebies!

Summer is in full force and as the sun's rays cook the earth's surface like a flat top grill—we start to wonder what's for lunch. Luckily, McDonald's has us covered—and how! As part of its new Camp McDonald's promo, the chain has been dropping summer deals like it's going out of style. 

The camp, which kicked off on July 5, is a 27-day virtual experience through the McDonald's app, complete with discounts on food, exclusive merch drops, and virtual performances by popular musicians. Each week has a different theme, and this week's "Self-Care Summer" portion of the programming will bring fans a skincare product drop and a virtual concert from musician Omar Apollo on Sunday.

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And here's what's on the menu for this weekend. On Friday, fans can nab a completely free Double Cheeseburger through the McDonald's app with a $1 minimal purchase. Then on Saturday, the chain will be offering a 2 for $5 deal on its beloved Quarter Pounder. Again, the deals are only redeemable through the chain's app, and if history teaches us anything, it's that patience is a virtue when it comes to Mickey D's handouts. 

camp mcdonalds self care week

For example, the initial launch of Camp McDonald's got off to a rocky start. On day one, some customers waited in a virtual line for hours to get their hands on the first merch release of the event—a Grimace-shaped pool float—only to be turned away empty-handed. The burger chain has since promised to rectify its in-app and stock issues as disgruntled campers took to Twitter to air their grievances. Hopefully, now that we're in week two of these festivities, McDonald's has ironed out the glitches.

As of late, McDonald's has seen a lot of dissatisfied customers. These new blitz promotions and celeb collaborations seem like a way to placate fans, as the restaurants slowly roll back longstanding value deals, which hasn't gone unnoticed. Earlier this month, it was reported that inflation was pushing many operators to quietly remove soda and other cold beverages from the Dollar Menu, further solidifying the value-driven menu as a relic of the past. 

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