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ALDI Just Added These 5 New Spring Foods—Here's What Dietitians Say to Get

Stock up for spring with these healthy picks!

ALDI always has so many fun and healthy foods on its shelves that are also cheap. The grocery store is ever-changing when it comes to what you can purchase, with new items arriving every month. ALDI's March releases largely focus on Easter, with plenty of pastel-colored treats and candies. While those are OK to have in moderation for special occasions, there are other healthier options you can reach for to add to your everyday diet.

Registered dietitians love ALDI for its plentiful selection, especially when it comes to healthy foods almost as much as shoppers love it for its low prices (they say it's cheaper than Walmart!). Here are some fresh finds RDs recommend you pick up on your next grocery run.

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EggLife Sweet Cinnamon Egg Wrap

egglife sweet cinnamon egg white wraps
Photo: Courtesy of ALDI

If you're looking for something to snack on that has a little bit of sweetness to it, this is a great healthy option.

"This sounds like it would be delicious topped with some whipped cream cheese!" says Kacie Barnes, MCN, RDN, LD, of Mama Knows Nutrition. "Since these wraps are egg-based, they have a good amount of protein and would help make a snack more filling." You can also add some fruit to the snack for even more flavor.

Simply Nature Organic Broth

simply nature organix poblano chicken broth
Courtesy of ALDI

You can pump up the flavor in your dishes with this organic, fat-free, gluten-free broth from ALDI. Available in poblano chicken and jalapeno beef flavors, the broth has a ton of flavor without a ton of additives. You'll have to keep an eye on the sodium, like with many broths, but you can cut the salt out of your dish elsewhere.

Blue Hill Bay Smoked Salmon Poke Bowl

blue hill bay smoked salmon poke bowl
Courtesy of ALDI

We love a meal that's ready to go right out of the gate, and that's what you get here. This is fresh, easy, and so healthy.

"Most people don't eat enough fish," Barnes says. "What a fun way to make a DIY poke bowl at home! I'd add some cubed avocado and diced cucumbers." You'll get loads of vitamins from the salmon, like A, B, and D — and it's tasty too.

Park Street Deli Caramelized Onion Hummus

park street deli caramelized onion hummus
Courtesy of ALDI

Park Street has a selection of uniquely flavored hummus, but we're eyeing the onion option. Packed with delicious flavor, this hummus can work in a variety of healthy ways in your diet.

"Get a container of caramelized onion hummus for an easy plant-based snack that contains protein," says Kristi Ruth RD, LDN, of Carrots & Cookies. "Use it as a dip for veggies or whole-grain crackers, as a spread to make a veggie wrap, or get adventurous in the kitchen by thinning it out a little and using it to make a hummus pasta dish."

Specially Selected Cauliflower Gnocchi

specially selected cauliflower gnocchi
Courtesy of ALDI

Cauliflower dishes are still popular and for good reason. The vegetable is a neutral enough flavor to replace other foods like rice or carb-heavy things. This gnocchi is a great example of a twist on the popular pasta.

"Could be fun to try in place of traditional gnocchi or pasta as a lower carb choice," Barnes suggests.

For more of what to get at the low-cost chain, here are the 7 Healthiest Snacks to Buy at ALDI Right Now, Says Dietitian.

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