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Popeyes' Major New Sandwich Is Now Back On the Menu

Last year's popular creation is back for round two.

Last year, Popeyes surprised and delighted fans with a sandwich tailor-made for the Lenten season, which, according to many, was just as much of a masterpiece as the iconic chicken sandwich. Luckily, the Flounder Fish Sandwich is now back for round two at nationwide locations.

It's made with a flakey flounder filet spiced in Cajun seasoning and fried, then served atop a buttery brioche bun with barrel-cured pickles and tartar sauce. And this time around, you can get it in either Classic or Spicy versions.

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popeyes fish sandwich

"After seeing the response to our Chicken Sandwich in 2019, we are excited to deliver yet another delicious sandwich to our fans that is sure to reset industry standards," said Popeyes president Sami Siddiqui when the item launched last year. "At Popeyes, we don't take shortcuts on quality and strive to ensure our ingredients are the best of the best."

And based on the rave reviews from customers and food critics alike, Popeyes seems to have created another category killer. According to one writer who conducted a taste test of fast-food fish sandwiches, the Cajun-spiced creation from Popeyes is "the rare fish sandwich that actually tastes like something."

Similar sentiments were heard in a new promotional video, which the chain created in collaboration with social media personality New York Nico. In it, New Yorkers can be heard expressing skepticism about the authenticity of fish in fast-food fish sandwiches. Once they try the Flounder Fish Sandwich, however, the general consensus seems to be that the fish quality is superior and the sandwich is a cut above the rest (sorry, Filet-O-Fish.)

The sandwich is again selling at a recommended price of $4.49, and can be found at Popeyes locations nationwide. For Popeyes Rewards Members, the deal gets even better—every purchase of the sandwich will give them a bonus of 150 points.

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