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Taco Bell Customers Are Reporting a Shortage of This Popular Item

Some fans are reporting the fries are tough to find.

Taco Bell brought back its popular Nacho Fries earlier this month, and after just a few weeks of sales, customers are already reporting possible shortages. Just as they do every year, Taco Bell fans have been taking to Reddit and Twitter to report their discontent about the fact that they haven't been able to order the popular spuds. While some who claim to have inside information say this is due to a supply chain shortage, others are treating it as just par for the course in the world of limited-time offers at the Mexican chain.

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Seasoned French fries are very much on the permanent menu at Taco Bell in other countries, like Guatemala and Japan. At this point, Taco Bell should really just rebrand all of its limited-time releases as an "Artificial Scarcity Menu." Knowing Taco Bell fans, they'd probably be into it.

But all jokes aside, Nacho Fries are a big deal at Taco Bell. They currently hold the record for the chain's best-selling limited-time menu item, having dethroned the Doritos Locos Taco in 2018. They usually make a re-appearance twice per year, and come with an elaborate media rollout, including an annual Nacho Fries "trailer" ad.

So with all of that hype, the disappointment around the alleged shortages is mounting. A discussion, which started yesterday on the Taco Bell subreddit, has already received about two dozen responses from customers who are reporting supply issues in their hometowns.

In years past, Nacho Fries have tended to debut in January, and then hit menus again in June or July. But with a March release this year, it's not clear when the second run will be getting underway.

With all this back and forth, Taco Bell fans might want to consider signing this petition to get Nacho Fries on the permanent menu.

Owen Duff
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