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Taco Bell Is Testing This Crazy New Snack Food Hybrid

The chain serves up another unexpected mashup.

If there is one thing to be said about Taco Bell, it's that it isn't afraid of a little creativity—especially when it comes to snack food mashups. While the late-night fast-food chain's experimentation in the kitchen gave us fan favorites like the Doritos Locos and Cool Ranch Tacos, it also sometimes results in questionable culinary decisions.

A recent Reddit post seems to reveal one such polarizing new creation. It features a screenshot of Taco Bell's menu available at a location in Irving, Calif., which shows two new items that include a humorously oversized Cheez-It. 

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The names of the items confirm that, indeed, a large Cheez-It is in question here, and it plays the role of a fried tortilla. The first item is a Cheez-It Tostada, which layers toppings of ground beef, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, and shredded cheese on top of it.

The second item is even more intriguing because it uses the Cheez-It as the crunchy center for the beloved Crunchwrap.

While some commenters admit they would eat Taco Bell's Cheez-It creations, most see the items as a joke and some refuse to believe they're real.

However, Taco Bell using Cheez-Its as edible "plates" for its taco stuffing should come as no surprise. The Tex-Mex chain is notorious for integrating snack foods into limited-time releases. The chain has released items like Cheetos burrito and Air Heads White Mystery Freeze in 2016 and the Strawberry Skittles Freeze in 2018. And of course, the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos were introduced via a six-second Vine video in 2013.

So while test items don't always make it to the national market, according to Reddit, the intrigue around the new Cheez-It items is very much there.

Amber Lake
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