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This Walmart Secret Can Save You Money

It's a simple trick most people don't take advantage of.

Walmart's famous motto is "Every Day Low Prices," so it's clearly no secret that the multinational retail giant's brand image is that of saving its customers money. With rollback prices and bulk ordering, Walmart is always looking to fine-tune its business model so that customers save.

Most likely, the cheapest prices you'll find for an item are going to be the price listed at Walmart. Thrifty shoppers know about Walmart's Price Match Policy, however, and aren't afraid to take full advantage of it when applicable. More often than you'd believe, you can save even more money by price matching against the same item sold at other retailers or itself.

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Price matching is when a company offers consumers the ability to compare prices at other businesses, and if a lower price is found for the exact same item, the company will match its competitor's price. It's a great policy to take advantage of, especially since many people don't realize it's available!

The caveat with this for Walmart is that its price match policy varies between its online and in-store shopping. Here's how to navigate both so you know you're getting the best price for your product available:

Shopping on

walmart online
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When shopping online at Walmart, it's easy to price match against competitors because you have the whole Internet at your disposal!

Walmart does limit this by only allowing a strict list of "approved" retailers it'll match. Here is a list of Walmart's online price match grocery and food companies you can check against for grocery shopping.


For a complete list of all approved price match competitors, click here.

Additionally, when shopping online, Walmart stipulates that the item must be identical, (i.e., size, model, quantity, brand, color) and in-stock on both Walmart's and the online retailer's website at the time of the request. Also, it will only price match one item per customer per day (so be sure to get a good one!).

Shopping in-store at Walmart


If you've found yourself at a Walmart store and want to price check against the store's listed price, the rules are different! For in-store purchases, Walmart doesn't honor competitors' prices, rather, only prices found on their own website. So, if you're looking at an item and the same product is available on for cheaper, only then can you price check it.

Because of this, we recommend to always check Walmart's website when buying a pricier item. You never know when you'll find a discount advertised online and not in-store. Because items at Target and Amazon are constantly going on sale, you could end up saving a LOT of money by just taking the time to check!

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