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Trader Joe's Is Discontinuing This Popular Snack

But it may not be gone forever!

This summer has seen the departure of several Trader Joe's popular products from shelves—like dog food, cat food, Dark Russet Potato Chips, and more—and the season isn't over. Some shoppers are seeing signs that yet another is being discontinued.

According to TJ's fans on Reddit, the Rolled Corn Tortilla Chili & Lime Flavored Chips are "soon to be discontinued." The snack is also known as a dupe for Takis and has reportedly been temporarily out of stock for a while. However, there is some good news for fans—the snack's status may depend on your location.

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"Takis Soon to Be Discontinued?" one Trader Joe's shopper posted on August 17, complete with a picture of a bag of the Rolled Corn Tortilla Chili & Lime Flavored Chips with a sign stating its soon departure from shelves.

However, a post in the thread says that "A Crew member replied in the comments saying that their store is still showing the Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips Chili & Lime Flavored as TOS (Temporarily Out Of Stock) with an ETA to their local warehouse at the end of this week."

Based on this info, shoppers will have to check their TJ's store to see what the situation is. Other commenters note that in the Mid-Atlantic, New Jersey, and Southern California areas, it is only temporarily out of stock. Others, who say they are Trader Joe's employees, state that "discontinued" doesn't necessarily mean the product is going away for good—rather supply might be unstable at the moment.

Could it be that the chain is getting rid of some items this summer to make way for its coveted fall items? All things cinnamon-, pumpkin-, butternut squash-, caramel-, and apple-flavored will drop before you know it. And if this year is anything like the last, the fan fair around them will be huge.

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