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This Viral Video Shows a Shocking Truth About Fast Food

A woman has been storing junk food as an experiment.

A video featuring a cornucopia of fast-food items stashed into plastic storage containers has recently gone viral, thanks to the shocking fact that the food had been stored for several years without changing appearance.

TikTok user Elif Kandemir posted a video of her mother's junk food stash which she had allegedly kept as an experiment to highlight the unhealthy characteristics of highly processed foods like pizza, burgers, donuts, and fried chicken. The video, which got more than 3.3 million views, showcases the shockingly unnatural lifespan of these items: they seem to never go bad.

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"This is my mum's food cupboard—full of foods that never go off!" she wrote as a caption to her video, and explained further: "My mum is a nutritionist helping to tackle obesity. These foods shown here are ultra-processed foods that 80% of the UK consume on a regular basis."

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According to a subsequent video the British woman posted, her mom began collecting the food about two years ago.

"Most of this food she's been collecting over the last two years, so most of it is one to two years old," she says in a voiceover.

Last year, two instances of McDonald's burgers preserved from the 1990s went viral, thanks to the fact that they didn't end up rotting or decomposing for years.

The owner of one of them said he accidentally left the burger in a coat pocket in 1999, but years later stumbled upon it during a move. He said he was astonished by how little the item had aged over the years, though it did reportedly take on the distinct musk of aged cardboard.

Another McDonald's burger and fries that had survived for 24 years in a shoe box were shown in a Tiktok video without any visual signs of decay or rot, besides a little dryness.

McDonald's felt compelled to issue a statement about the allegations that its food withstands the test of time in an alarming way.

"In order to decompose, you need certain conditions—specifically moisture. Without sufficient moisture—either in the food itself or the environment—bacteria and mold may not grow and therefore, decomposition is unlikely," the chain wrote in a statement.

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