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Oreo Is Bringing Back Its Most Requested Flavor

The popular cookie is reappearing for the first time in nearly four years.

When it comes to flavor innovation, Oreo has introduced cookies inspired by various foods: ice cream treats, classic desserts, drinks, and so forth. After many fans asked the brand to revive one vibrant, cake-flavored cookie, Oreo is finally turning this wish into a reality.

Starting Sept. 12, customers can score Red Velvet Oreos—the cookie brand's "most requested flavor," according to a press release—for a limited time. Drawing on the elements of the popular cake, this confection consists of two red velvet-flavored cookies, also known as "basecakes," and a layer of cream cheese frosting-flavored creme. The cookies will be available nationwide while supplies last.

Red Velvet Oreos first appeared on store shelves back in February 2015 and were discontinued in 2020 to make room for new flavors and products. Fans have been clamoring for a comeback ever since. Just this past June, fans on Instagram responded to an unrelated new Oreo release by pleading for a red velvet redux instead. "BRING BACK THE RED VELVET OREOS!!!" one wrote. "plz just give me red velvet," another piled on.

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On Sept. 1, Oreo teased the flavor's return on Instagram by posting a video of Oreo cookies on a bright red background, which featured appearances from various red items like a checkerboard, a cocktail, an apple, and an octopus. The accompanying caption included a teaser: "If you don't know, you'll know soon…"

In the comments section, Instagram users posted their guesses for the brand's latest flavor launch, which included several reasonable predictions, such as cherry, cherry pie, candy apple, Swedish Fish, and yes, red velvet. The speculation even included some far-out theories, like "Vampire Oreos" and "octopus flavor." 

Then, on Sept. 5, Oreo shared another red-themed social media post. This prompted some commenters to correctly guess that the red velvet-flavored sandwich cookies are coming back. In a press release, Oreo described the returning, limited-edition cookie as "packed with the indulgent red textures of cake, cookies, and rich cream."

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Red Velvet isn't the only fan-favorite flavor to reappear in stores recently. On Aug. 14, Oreo announced the return of its limited-edition pumpkin spice-flavored cookies, which are made with two golden basecakes and a pumpkin-spice flavored creme.

Even earlier, the cookie brand brought back its Cotton Candy Oreos for the first time in eight years. This carnival treat-inspired cookie features two golden Oreos and a Double Stuf layer of pink and blue cotton candy-flavored creme. Some other cake-flavored cookies Oreo has debuted in the past include Birthday Cake, Carrot Cake, and the recent Blackout Cake.

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