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Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Recipes for Weight Loss

PB&J sandwiches aren't just for kids! Try these grown-up ways to whip up the childhood classic.
Peanut butter jelly sandwich

Though it's not super-low-calorie like other weight loss foods, PB&J has a near-perfect ratio of calories, proteins, and carbs to build fat-burning muscle after a workout.

To make tasty twists on the classic sammie, check out our PB&J matrix below. There are more than 250 ways to mix and match the ingredients, assuming you pull one from each column. After you choose a carb canvas, add a savory spread, top with some fruit (yes, pumpkin is technically a berry) and then, to really make your taste buds sing, sprinkle on something from the "extra" column. Not the creative type? Fear not! We've come up with four mouthwatering combos you're sure to love. Happy noshing!

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