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Popeyes Is Bringing Back This Legendary Menu Item

The chain just reintroduced one of its most sought after orders of all time.

Great news spicy chicken lovers, Popeyes just brought back one of its most popular menu items to date: The Ghost Pepper Wings, but only for a limited time.

The Ghost Pepper Wings were first introduced in 2014 and have reemerged on the menu several times over the past couple of years, but only for small bouts of time. Now, the chain has brought the beloved dish back—same recipe and all. They're still marinated in that fiery blend of peppers, but the variety that comes through the most is the mega spicy ghost pepper. (Related: 21 Best Healthy Cooking Hacks of All Time)

Just how spicy are the wings? According to the Scoville scale, which is used to measure the heat each type of pepper really packs, ghost peppers can have as much as 1,041,427 Scoville heat units. Jalapeños, on the other hand, have a heat range of 2,500 to 8,000 Scoville units so by that measure, a ghost pepper is over 400 times hotter than a mild jalapeño.

Despite how aggressive these wings sound, know they're made with love. The chicken wings sit in the spicy ghost pepper spice blend for a minimum of 12 hours before they're hand-battered, breaded, then fried. Then, six of them are packed into a box and served alongside the chain's creamy buttermilk ranch dipping sauce and a fluffy biscuit. You can get all of this for just $4.99 via the Popeyes app for delivery or for pick-up in participating stores nationwide. (Related: 5 Major Changes You'll See at Popeyes Going Forward).

The deal lasts as long as supplies last, so make sure to head into Popeyes as soon as you can to get an idea of just how spicy these wings actually are. Perhaps having a glass of milk on hand would be a wise idea?

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