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7 Costco Items Flying Off the Shelves Right Now

Make sure to snag these hot products if you find them at your local warehouse!
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Shopping in December means holiday music on repeat, bustling aisles, and inevitably some bare spots on store shelves as consumers stock up and take advantage of unbelievable year-end sales. Costco is pretty good about keeping up with this influx of holiday demand. But, a few hot products are giving the warehouse a run for its money this year as the shopping frenzy continues.

There are currently several items Costco members are obsessing over, which are consequently flying off the warehouse's industrial-sized shelves faster than you can say, "Happy Holidays!" Here's what's popular in the lead-up to Christmas.

Your Costco Membership Is About to Get More Expensive

Holiday Cookies

costco holiday cookie tray
Costco / Facebook

Plenty of tasty holiday cookies to share without the hassle of a messy kitchen? It's not hard to see why this item is currently in high demand at Costco!

The bakery recently brought back its much-loved pack of 44 Holiday Cookies complete with five distinct flavors including Powdered Brownie Walnut, Lemon Shortbread, Toffee Sandy, Coconut Almond Chocolate, and Holiday Candy Cookies.

An overwhelming amount of social media accounts swiftly spread the word and people have expressed that they can't get enough of the sweet new arrival. Under a post by @costco_doesitagain, one shopper commented, "This is my kryptonite," and another shared, "I tried these for the first time and they really are so good."

See what all the hype is about and snag a pack for yourself for $13.99.

Kinder's Teriyaki Marinade with Sesame & Ginger

kinder's teriyaki marinade & sauce with sesame and ginger
Courtesy of Walmart

If this marinade had ears they would certainly be ringing. People have been talking about the sauce and voicing their admiration all over social media. The Organic Teriyaki Marinade with Sesame & Ginger comes in a sizable 30-ounce bottle at Costco. Similar to other Kinder's sauces, it is non-GMO and contains no high-fructose corn syrup—a big plus for today's more eco-friendly and health-conscious consumers.

Costco account @costcohotfinds shared that the sauce is "incredible" and that it's "perfect as a marinade and as a sauce for sandwiches and stir-fry." Others add that they've used it for foods such as meatballs, air-fried chicken tenders, and even vegetables—proving its versatility.

But, the best part about the Kinder's marinade and likely a major reason for its recent surge in popularity? It's on sale at all Costco locations for $2 off until Dec. 24!

Mike & Jen's Cocoa Mix

mike & jen's cocoa mix
Mike & Jen's Cocoa Mix

Mike & Jen's Cocoa Mix is one of Costco's hottest new products . . . literally. The family-owned brand just recently started selling at warehouses in its home state of Minnesota and the response from shoppers has been overwhelmingly positive.

According to a post on the brand's Facebook page, the hot cocoa flew off the shelves, selling out much quicker than originally expected. In the comments, fans of the brand showed their support and gushed about the chocolatey goodness. "Awesome but not surprising at all! Your hot cocoa is delicious!" one commenter Michelle Strop wrote.

Based on this initial success, the Mike & Jen's brand may be spreading to more Costco's across the country very soon.

Birdrock Home Acacia Hardwood Grazing Board

birdrock home acacia wooden serving tray

Visually-appealing charcuterie and food boards have been a hot topic all year long and are still very much on trend. It all starts with a beautiful and sleek slate of wood, and in the Costco community, the current product of choice is the Acacia Hardwood Grazing Board from Birdrock Home. The board is a whopping 2.5 feet long and currently costs $19.99.

One shopper user recently announced on Facebook that she was finally able to find one at her local warehouse and other commenters agreed that the product has been a tricky one to locate as of late. "I immediately snatched it up when I saw it," shared another. "I knew it wasn't going to last in store for very long!" Close to 200 other comments followed with even more love for the grazing board as well as pictures of the colorful spreads shoppers have created with it.

Fotis Baked Brie with Walnut and Fig

fotis baked brie fig jam & chopped walnuts
Fotis Fine Foods

Want to know the secret to the perfect holiday meal or spread? More cheese! Costco lovers understood the assignment, and this baked brie appetizer from Fotis is selling fast right now.

Instagram account @costcodeals posted a picture of the mouthwatering product which is topped with both fig jam and chopped walnuts, and had fellow Costco lovers drooling in the comment section. One user said, "I didn't think I even liked brie until I tried this! So yummy!" Another added, "So good!!! Definitely grabbing another one for Christmas."

For $11.49, you can get in on all of the cheesy deliciousness!

Lobster Tail Skewers

ocean pier lobster tail skewers

Snow crab has been in low supply this year, so Costco members are turning to lobster instead. Shoppers have been loving these Lobster Tail Skewers from Ocean Pier, which come in a pack of four and are currently priced at $17.89.

Instagram account @costco_doesitagain shares, "Lobster for dinner is usually a luxury but with Ocean Pier Inc's incredible Split Lobster Tail Skewers, you can have a luxurious and delicious meal in the comfort of your own kitchen! These skewers couldn't be easier to bake and, once they're ready for eating, the lobster shell pops off with ease."

The skewers are made with MSC-certified sustainable seafood and also come with a buttered lemon pepper glaze–yum! While you're in the seafood aisle, check out the Wild Cooked Cold Water Lobster Claws as well, shared by @costcolove. They're going for $15.99 per pound!

Hamilton Beach Upright Freezer

hamilton beach upright freezer

It seems that many people are in need of extra freezer space this holiday season. Hamilton Beach Upright Freezers with seven drawers for added storage have been selling out quickly at Costco locations, according to avid shoppers.

Instagrammer @costcoguide posted a video at a local warehouse where the freezers were back in stock this week, but only four appeared to be available on the floor. One user replied, "If you find one buy one. These go so fast," but also shared that the price seems to have gone up—currently at $429.99. Other commenters shared that they have never spotted the product at their local Costcos in areas such as Los Angeles, Dallas, and on the East Coast, but wished they were available to them as well.

For the lucky few who have been able to purchase one of the freezers, it's been nothing but praise for the scarce kitchen appliance.

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