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Megan Hageman

Megan Hageman

About author

Megan is a freelance writer based in Columbus, Ohio. With a degree in marketing from the Ohio State University, her knowledge of the digital world and SEO helps to guide and strengthen her writing work showcased on various online publications. As an athlete, she is drawn to and writes on all things health and wellness, in addition to a range of other lifestyle topics.

Articles by Megan Hageman

velveeta mac and cheese
costco entrance
walmart exterior
Grocery cart empty aisle
thanksgiving turkey
grocery delivery worker holding grocery bag
costco bakery
blurred wholesale store aisle
woman choosing frozen food at grocery store
trader joe's interior
costco wholesale sign
costco exterior
kroger produce section
costco storefront
person holding potbelly sandwich
taco bell
grocery shopping
hooters restaurant exterior
grocery shopping
Domino's pizza, lava cakes, and garlic knots
grocery cart in aisle with blurred background
Chili's food and drinks
Person holding Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte in front of wheelbarrow of pumpkins
pet food shortage
This Costco Product Just Beat Out 60+ Others, New Investigation Says
red robin monster burger and fries
wendy's cheeseburger
soda aisle with cans and bottles of soda