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Megan Hageman

Megan Hageman

About author

Megan is a freelance writer based in Columbus, Ohio. With a degree in marketing from the Ohio State University, her knowledge of the digital world and SEO helps to guide and strengthen her writing work showcased on various online publications. As an athlete, she is drawn to and writes on all things health and wellness, in addition to a range of other lifestyle topics.

Articles by Megan Hageman

Costco Member Card, Meat Packaging as Background
Standing at the supermarket checkout and waiting to pay.
costco wholesale
Cropped picture of young man gives credit card to cashier lady at workspace in supermarket.
costco wholesale exterior
paying for groceries with credit card
costco exterior
Costco food court
jungle jim's foodie entrance
different cereals
orbitz soda
costco storefront
man pouring himself a cup of coffee
cans of kirkland signature sparkling water
eggo maple flavored homestyle waffle cereal
canned fish and seafood
nitro pepsi cans and regular pepsi bottles
frozen veggies
grocery shopping
grocery cart
diet dr pepper
microwave frozen chicken dinner
8 Once-Largest Grocery Chains That Have All Disappeared
woman grocery shopping
hooters restaurant exterior
costco wholesale exterior
7-eleven sign
velveeta mac and cheese
costco entrance