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Megan Hageman

Megan Hageman

About author

Megan is a freelance writer based in Columbus, Ohio. With a degree in marketing from the Ohio State University, her knowledge of the digital world and SEO helps to guide and strengthen her writing work showcased on various online publications. As an athlete, she is drawn to and writes on all things health and wellness, in addition to a range of other lifestyle topics.

Articles by Megan Hageman

fried bloomin onion close-up
olive oil and olives
frozen seafood
french onion soup
empty grocery store shelves
Frozen waffles
denver steak cut
Burger King
oatly oat milk and silk soy milk at grocery store
judge gavel
cookie dough
A bag of Doritos brand tortilla chips
grilling t-bone steak
salty and sweet snacks in bowls
trader joe's
trader joe's
Trader Joe's exterior
man drinking soda
best sams club snacks 2023
Vital Choice halibut fish
seafood practices
5 Best Seafood Items to Buy at Costco, According to Chefs
opening coca cola bottles
shopping cart in grocery store
Meats hanging in the cold store
costco wholesale exterior yellow background
raw meat at costco with membership card