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Difficulty Sleeping? This Luxurious Sleep Cruise Is For You

Get ready for "opulent style and pure, blissful comfort."

Difficulty sleeping? There's nothing worse than not sleeping through the night. You've most likely tried everything from sipping bedtime teas to following a calming nighttime regimen. If you like the sound of a getaway to relax your mind and feed your soul with goodness, you'll want to know what Princess Cruises has been up to. This cruise line has committed itself to the wellness of each and every guest, and has a fleet of ships with luxury beds just waiting to provide you with "opulent style and pure, blissful comfort." (Sign us up!) In fact, Cruise Critic has named The Princess Luxury Bed the "Best Cruise Ship Bed." Trust us—you'll want in on this luxury sleep cruise experience, and we have the details.

If you have difficulty sleeping and we've caught your attention, you'll need to read on to learn more about The Princess Luxury Bed and the overall luxury sleep cruise experience. And next up, be sure to read The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Here are some tips for a good night's rest aboard a cruise ship

woman sleeping peacefully

According to Tips for Travellers, lots of individuals enjoy a better night's sleep in general while vacationing on a cruise ship than they ever did in their own bed. Maybe it's because of the overall stress-free vibe of being on a relaxing getaway, and the soft swaying of the large ship moving through the sea. If people do have trouble, some secrets are to choose an inside cabin so it's nice and dark. Others are sure to keep away from elevators and stairs where ships seem to be less noisy. And many stay clear away from the busy pool deck.

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The award-winning Princess Luxury Bed is made for a truly restful night's sleep

Princess Cruises' Princess Luxury Bed in stateroom
Princess Cruises

Get excited, light sleepers, because now Princess Cruises has you covered. The company has teamed up with Dr. Michael Breus, sleep expert and regular guest on Dr. Oz, and created an award-winning Princess Luxury Bed. They developed these luxurious new beds using the most up-to-date research in sleep science and knowledge to provide their guests with the most extraordinary sleep experience in their stateroom.

These mattresses were made exclusively for the cruise line by the maker of some of the comfiest, most relaxing hotel beds on earth. Each bed features a super premium design, including a lush 2-inch-thick pillow top. The medium-firm mattress offers incredible support and contains coils that are individually wrapped, which provides each partner with far less disruption when sleeping. Each bed is topped with 100% lavish Jacquard-woven cotton linens and a European-influenced duvet.

There is a sensory SLEEP by Princess Kit offered that you have to look forward to, including calming items that will encourage sleep. The kit contains aromatherapy scents, eyeshades, earplugs, Dr. Breus' Good Night™ app, and other items. In addition, SLEEP-friendly nighttime meals are offered aboard the cruise ship.

Dr. Breus explains via Princess Cruises, "Sleep is a sensory experience. In fact, all five of your senses must be prepared for slumber in order for sleep to come easily and last all night long." Needless to say, if you have difficulty sleeping, this luxury vacation experience is for you.

What's more, if you enjoy your sleep experience so much aboard the ship, you can "make every night a restful voyage" by purchasing The Princess Luxury Bed Package (or separate items like the pillows, comforter, or linens) for your own home.

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Princess Cruises sails to the dreamiest destinations for the best kind of mind and body escape

Royal Princess at port Willemstad dock

This cruise line sails to so many extraordinary destinations, including Alaska, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, California, Hawaii, Europe, Japan, South America, Tahiti, and more. Princess Cruise Line says, "We are back, and happier than ever to take you to wonderful destinations for a REAL vacation. Visit Mexico, the Caribbean, the California Coast, the Mediterranean and more. Set sail on a floating resort that caters to you with 24-hour room service, casino, entertainment and no cooking (or cleaning!). Because a real vacation means having everything taken care of."

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