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Reese's Is Launching an Adorable New Shape To Celebrate the Olympics

The candy brand is making everyone feel like winners.
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Olympians aren't the only ones who are soon to be biting into medals. That's because Reese's is rolling out medal-shaped milk chocolate peanut butter treats to celebrate the quadrennial sporting event taking place in Paris this summer, according to Allrecipes.

The new candy is already listed on Hershey's website, with the item standing as Reese's "first-ever summer season shape." The brand has previously released other seasonal shapes for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter. Reese's Medals will be available in three sizes: standard (1.2 ounces), king (2.4 ounces), and a 2.4-ounce four-pack.

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Earlier this week, @snackolator, a food-focused Instagram account, first announced this product release, writing, "The only medals that I'm training for this summer are new Reese's Medals that are coming out for the Paris 2024 Olympics!"

The post generated some enthusiasm from Reese's fans in the comments section.

"Okay, I'm super excited about these," one Instagram user wrote.

"I love these, I can't wait!!!" another one added.

One commenter reported to have already spotted Reese's Medals at Walmart.

Hershey did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the availability of the new Reese's Medals.

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The medal-shaped treats aren't the only Reese's additions to get excited about. Last week, the candy brand's new Cluster Bites hit stores nationwide. Available in seven-ounce packages, this snackable item features chocolate-covered bites of creamy peanut butter, smooth caramel, and crunchy peanuts.

Aside from these bite-sized confections, Reese's Frozen Fruit Banana Slices recently hit Costco after debuting exclusively at Walmart last fall as part of Hershey's frozen fruit line. This product consists of frozen banana slices covered in milk chocolate and Reese's peanut butter chips.

Another relatively new addition to Reese's candy lineup is the Reese's Caramel Big Cup, which Hershey introduced in November. The item has the usual chocolate and peanut butter pairing, plus an additional layer of gooey caramel. It's also larger than a standard-sized Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (hence its "Big Cup" name). Shoppers can snag this caramel-filled candy in standard and king-sized packages.

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