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21 Rosé Tips You'll Want to Know

What do you know about it, other than that it's the go-to glass of choice in the summer? Keep these tips in mind!

Heavenly rosé is made when skins of red grapes are strained in wine for just a few hours—as opposed to weeks like some red wines. Generally, the sipper will taste fruity flavors of melon, citrus, flowers, and red fruit with a rhubarb or celery finish. That leaves a lot of room for variation by the makers and exploration by the consumers, which is why we've created this list to guide you. So raise a glass, cheers, and then discover the 20 Cocktails Everyone Should Know How to Make!

When In Doubt, Go French


Too many options? Look for something from the birthplace of rosé—AKA Provence. It's hard to go wrong when you choose the mecca of the fruity vino.

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Sip This Smart Choice

We also really like Yellowglen Sparkling Pink 65 Soft Rosé (which is actually from Australia). It contains just 65 calories per 5 fluid ounces. Go ahead and sip it guilt-free and you won't derail your weight loss efforts.

Enjoy It Year-Round

Although it has more of a summer appeal, rosé is so palate-friendly, you can sip it all year round. P.S. Top quality rosé wines even travel well.

Eat It With…


Because rosé wines fall somewhere between the red and white wine spectrum, they are extremely versatile when it comes to food pairings. Whether you're eating pork chops, fish, eggs, steak, chips, or cupcakes, there's a rosé for that. It's one of the safest bets for if you're bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner party, date night, or picnic!

Know Its Expiration

Unlike red wines, wisdom, and Beyoncé, rosé does not get better with age. In fact, most rosé is best consumed within two years from release.

Cook With It? Ehh…

Just like you can cook with a red or white wine, you can cook with most varieties of rosé. However, it's not going to bring much flavor to the table. Rather, enjoy a chilled glass with a refreshing salad or a piece of grilled fish.

Don't Overchill Rosé

As a general rule, the lighter a rosé is in color, the more chilled it should be. But don't go freezing it or adding ice cubes, which can make it taste more like water than vino.

Be Cheap…This One Time


You usually don't have to spend more than $15 on a good quality rosé. Trust us. Unlike red, rosé varieties are cheaper to make because they don't need to be matured for a long time.

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Ditch It After A Week

A bottle of uncorked rosé will keep in the fridge for about 5-7 days. If it lingers a little bit longer, don't sweat it. Old wine isn't bad for you; it just begins to lose its original flavor. Speaking of, watch this video on How to Make Wine Last Longer that's from Eat This, Not That! food journalist Kelly Choi!

Choose Small Wine Glasses

Unlike reds, rosé doesn't need room for breathing and should be served in a small glass. It also keeps you from taking in too many calories. Remember: Too much of a good thing usually leads to a not-so-good thing—like, say, belly fat.

Use It To Make Cocktails


Rosé is like the Channing Tatum of wines—it looks gorgeous without even trying. And its delicate flavor compliments the mixology substances it's paired with, making it ideal for creative libations. Try mixing it with gin and grapefruit juice, or lemon, citrus vodka, and basil.

Check The Color

Let's face it—some of us are drier than we are sweet. Fortunately, rosé has a variety that fits us to a T. Here's the deal: The lighter the color, the drier the rosé (peach or light pink). Generally speaking, if a rosé is bright or deep pink, it's sweeter.

Sip Slow


Like the best things in life, it's better to savor your rosé. Swirl, smell, and sip. Besides, having a glass half full is classier and a better way to moderate your intake. (We all know how one glass turns into three!)

Ladies, Let It Get You Going

A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women who drank one to two glasses of wine experienced heightened sexual desire. Vino's rich antioxidant profile triggers nitric oxide production in the blood, increasing blood flow down south and creating feelings of sexual excitement. Psst! To look your best in the bedroom, check out these 25 Best Foods for a Toned Body!

And Gentlemen, Drink Up


Listen, there is absolutely no shame in a grown man tilting back a glass of rosé. In fact, scientists from the University of Western Australia found that men who drank vino experienced 25-30 percent lower rates of erectile dysfunction than those who don't drink it. Salud!

Sip It After HIIT

Research published in the International Journal of Kinesiology & Sports Science found that consuming booze results in less muscle fatigue. Enjoy a glass with dinner and aid muscle recovery. Looking for a pre- or post-workout meal? Check out these 23 Best Protein Shake Recipes!

Use It To Fight Dementia


Sipping rosé just might keep your brain cells firing longer. According to a study published in Neuroepidemiology from Columbia University, subjects who did not moderately consume vino experienced brain decline at a significantly faster rate than those who did.

Sip It With Dessert

From chocolate chip cookies to cheesecake, the light, sugary flavor inside a glass of rosé pairs flawlessly with any dessert. Watching your weight? These 25 Nutritionist-Approved Ways To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth will make responsible indulging a breeze.

Bring Rosé To The Beach

After a stressful week at work, there is nothing more relaxing than the ocean breeze and a glass of chilled rosé. In fact, according to David L. Katz, M.D., the founding director of Yale University's Prevention Research Center, and the author of Disease-Proof, "alcohol, including wine, calms [a person] transiently because it is a central nervous system depressant." Go ahead and let the waves and vino sedate you during a Saturday sunset.

Prolong Your Life With Rosé

In one review of 24 studies, researchers noted that women who drink a glass of wine every day have a lower risk of all-cause mortality than those who booze less frequently. So enjoy a glass with dinner or as a nightcap and possibly live longer! But don't forget to check out these 40 Habits That Make You Sick and Fat to further prolong your life.

Use It As Part Of a Balanced Life

"Indulging once in awhile in a bit of something that's [supposedly] bad for your health is often extremely good for the soul!" At least that's what Dan Roberts, author of the fashion model workout, Methodology X claims—and we couldn't agree more. Occasionally sipping on a glass of vino is one of life's simple pleasures and can be enjoyed along the quest for a slimmer body. We'll drink to that!


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