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Everything You Need to Know About the SlimCado

The SlimCado has nutritionists and healthy foodies everywhere talking—and it's easy to see why. Thanks to its lower calorie count, it may help you scorch pesky belly fat. The catch? It doesn't have the traditional fruit's creamy texture.

Have we piqued your interest? Thought so. First things first: You should know that the SlimCado isn't some strange hybrid fruit, and no, it's not genetically modified. SlimCados and the Hass avocado are actually completely different fruits, so you can expect to experience an entirely different flavor, appearance, and texture. The green giant measures anywhere from 3 to 13 inches long and up to 5 inches wide, which is far larger than the Hass avocados you know and love. And yes, it's naturally that big. The glossy green-skinned fruit is cultivated in Florida and weighs nearly six times that of a normal Hass avocado, but with one-third the calories and 10 grams less fat. Just one cup, or 230 grams, of the fruit, contains 23.1 grams of fat and 276 calories. The smaller avocado, you know, the one that health gurus boast as one of the best foods out there to help you lose belly fat, contains 33.7 grams of fat and 368 calories per 230 grams.

The fruit was originally called the Florida avocado. However, the agriculture company Brooks Tropicals wanted to award it a name that would attract the weight loss-driven community. Its name and size are not the only things that make this avocado different from its California counterpart, which just so happens to comprise 95 percent of the American avocado market. Here are a few other notable differences—plus, our take on the trendy fruit.

The Texture

The SlimCado's Guatemalan seed blossoms to have a fibrous, chewy flesh. And some report that its innards are quite watery and soupy, due to its high water content—a far cry from the creamy Hass. While not as appealing by itself, it makes an excellent, protein-rich salad dressing when mixed with a honey Greek yogurt! For even more healthy salad topping ideas, check out these 12 Tips to Make Healthy Salad Dressings.

The Taste

While the Hass Avocado is known for its buttery taste, the SlimCado doesn't provide the same rich flavor. Some are more on the sweeter side than others, but overall, the taste is relatively neutral. To amp up the flavor, throw it in a smoothie with unsweetened cocoa powder, almond milk, and honey for a refreshing morning boost.

The Shelf Life

Due to its larger size, this skinny fruit doesn't have as long of a shelf life as the little guy! If you're planning on trying a SlimCado, only buy what you think you'll eat in the immediate future.

The Consensus

While the SlimCado is advertised to have half the fat of a normal avocado, the difference isn't that vast. And not to mention, when it comes to avocados, fat isn't a bad thing. The fat in avocado is rich in monounsaturated and oleic fatty acids, which help eliminate abdominal fat. At the end of the day, though, we give the SlimCado a stamp of approval for being less caloric than Haas (which is so easy to overeat). However, it's worth noting that it's not all that much healthier than a plain ol' avocado. The bottom line? Give it a try if you want, but you really can't go wrong with either one—they're both healthy fruits, after all!

Photo courtesy of Brooks Tropical LLC

Cheyenne Buckingham
Cheyenne Buckingham is the former news editor of Eat This, Not That! Read more about Cheyenne