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The Minimal-Effort Back to School Breakfast Your Kids (and You) Need

These breakfast tarts are high-protein, and they're so easy to grab and go.

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When I was in middle school, my parents' house became a favorite destination for a few of my friends. That's because my folks bought the "good stuff." As in, their house was filled with sugary treats like Pop-Tarts. Those breakfast tarts weren't the healthiest option, but there weren't any healthier alternative breakfast tarts—until now.

Fortunately, breakfast options have improved a lot since then. Yes, it's easy to let your kids eat frosting-topped toaster pastries or sugary cereal that taste like dessert—hey, at least they're eating something, you might think. However, there are plenty of healthier breakfast options out there that are still super easy to take on the go.

Enter The Smart Co.'s newest creation, the Smart Tart. Thanks to this tasty innovation, a nutritious breakfast option for kids of all ages has never been more accessible, especially as they head back to school.

Introduce these into your breakfast routine, and your kids won't even miss those other breakfast tarts. Plus, you'll want to steal a few from the box for yourself to take to work or eat on the go—we know those school days (especially the mornings) are hectic for parents, too.

What are Smart Tarts, and how are they different from other breakfast tarts?

The Smart Tart is a new pre-packaged breakfast tart, and it's a great alternative to unhealthy on-the-go breakfast options. With eight grams of filling protein per tart and just eight to nine grams of sugar (depending on flavor), this is a nutritious breakfast option for kids. It'll keep them feeling full and satiated thanks to the protein—no sugar crash here!

Plus, they're great for beyond just breakfast. They'd also work as a perfectly portable school-day or after-school snack, too, that kids can easily bring with them.

smart tart blueberry acai bar closeup
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Smart Tarts come in strawberry chia, blueberry acai, and cinnamon twist flavors, so there's something for every toaster pastry lover. Smart Tarts come in individual packages, and they are just 180 calories per bar. They're perfect for pairing alongside yogurt or fresh fruit for a healthy breakfast anyone can eat on the go. Whether your kids need to eat in the car, on the way to school, or you need to grab one before heading over for your carpool, Smart Tarts were made for busy families on the go.

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What are some ways kids will love to eat Smart Tarts?

Smart Tart describes itself as a "high protein toaster pastry," so it's perfect for serving warm. And if you do decide to pop these tarts in the toaster, there are plenty of ways to make them even more delicious. They come unfrosted, so you can top them with peanut butter or a hazelnut spread for a fun take on an alternative to frosting. You could even add a bit of sliced fruit on top as well and to make your kid a fun fruit tart.

Of course, for those busy mornings when you're just trying to get yourself (and your kids) out the door, you can also enjoy Smart Tarts right out of the package at room temperature. The soft-baked pastry means no crumbly mess in your backseat, too! Pack a to-go cup of yogurt or peanut butter your kids can dip the tart in, and voila—you've got a super-easy breakfast on the go that didn't involve a fast-food stop or a sugary breakfast covered in frosting.

If you want to try Smart Tarts for yourself, they're available in 12-packs on The Smart Co.'s website. No matter how you eat them, they're a protein-packed, easy way to get your family's day off to a good start.


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