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Cassia vs. Ceylon Cinnamon: Which is Healthier?

Find out which type of cinnamon is best for your health so you can start sprinkling your way slim today.

There isn't much you can do for your waistline in 10 seconds: A couple jumping jacks, a sprint up a flight of stairs, a sprinkle of cinnamon over your morning oats. Wait, what?

This spice is no small player in the battle against the bulge. Sprinkling cinnamon in your oatmeal and smoothies can get you a smaller waist, fewer cravings and more appetite control—and takes just 10 seconds. A series of studies printed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that adding a heaping teaspoon cinnamon to a starchy meal may help stabilize blood sugar and ward off insulin spikes, keeping you away from the snack drawer hours longer. Watch our short video to find out which kind of cinnamon is best, and start spicing up your meals to get slim.

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