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Taylor Swift Drinks This Affordable Rosé—and Fans Are in a Frenzy

A recent Instagram post shows the star drinking a specific bottle of wine, and Swifties are racing to buy it.
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Wherever Taylor Swift goes, millions of her fans follow. And today, they might just be following her to their local wine shops to pick up her preferred bottle of vino. Last night, longtime Swift producer and friend Jack Antonoff posted a photo of the mega pop star to his Instagram story that sent fans into a tailspin for several reasons.

First, he announced that her song "You're Losing Me" from the Midnights vault was coming out today; second, he shared that the song was written and recorded on Dec. 5, 2021, a full year before Swift's breakup with most recent ex Joe Alwyn, suggesting they might have been in trouble long before the public knew of it; and third, Swift is seen next to a specific bottle of wine, Gaslighter rosé, that retailers now say has sold out in multiple locations. The bad news: Yes, it's going to be a hard bottle to get your hands on via local stores while this frenzy lasts. The good news: It's still available via online retailers, and it's only $23. Sign us up!

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In the photo, Swift is seen eating raisins off a wooden kitchen counter, which fans have ID'ed as Jack Antonoff's kitchen in Brooklyn. Right behind Swift's hand is a bottle of wine: specifically, Gaslighter's rosé, with the brand's signature matte black-topped bottle. The brand name is just as cryptic as Swift's own lyrics, and fans have been truly outdoing themselves with unwinding the many riddles present in Antonoff's innocent-seeming Instagram.

Is the wine brand name suggestive of something that was going on in her and Alwyn's relationship? Did she pick it because she was already a fan of that wine, or because the name seemed fitting for that moment in her life? One TikTok identifying the type of wine is filled with comments speculating on what exactly we're meant to get out of this bottle of rosé being included in the photo, and all comments agree on one thing: no matter the reason behind her choosing it, they're going to get their hands on this bottle of wine ASAP.

"Do I drink? No. Am I gonna buy this? Yes," one comment read. "I hope it tastes as good as it looks," another chimed in. "I'm buying it either way [though]." Other comments were already excited for the "Taylor effect" to take place as fans got their hands on every bottle available: "Gaslighter Rose has no idea what's about to happen," one fan wrote gleefully, with others echoing that the massive sellout was already in full effect.

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thank u for giving us you're losing me on spotify, mother!!! i will love u forever #greenscreen #taylorswift

♬ You're Losing Me (From The Vault) – Taylor Swift

"The fact that this is sold out everywhere now," one commenter noted, while another had firsthand experience of seeing fans come in to clear out the Gaslighter shelves: "I've sold every bottle of gaslighter [rosé] my store had tonight."

So—is it too late? Can you still get your hands on this rosé that there is documented proof Taylor Swift has interacted with? You absolutely can, via the Gaslighter website, which currently still has both their 2021 rosé and 2020 rosé in stock, for $23 and $17, respectively. You need to order a minimum of three bottles to have these delivered, but who are we kidding—this is now an ideal go-to Christmas gift for any Swiftie in your life, so you might as well double that order. Sure, we may be a few months past peak rosé season, but we're still in the absolute peak of Swift obsession—and if it helps you feel a little closer to the Midnights singer while listening to "You're Losing Me" on repeat, well, that's worth cracking open a summer in December.

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