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Taylor Swift Seen Sipping This Low-Calorie Cocktail at Last Night's Chiefs Game

The singer was in good spirits as she enjoyed the light beverage.

Taylor Swift made another appearance in the stands at Travis Kelce's Chiefs-Broncos game last night, and once again, all eyes were on her. In between her busy tour schedule and promoting her new "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" movie, out in theaters now, Swift is quickly becoming an NFL regular, attending three of tight end Kelce's last four games amid their budding romance.

While onlookers couldn't get enough of Swift continuing to spend time with Kelce's mother Donna and the Erin Andrews Chiefs jacket she wore to further promote her new beau's team, we had our eyes on a different accessory: the canned cocktail she was sipping throughout the game.

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In footage captured by NFL cameras, Swift was seen enjoying a Casa Azul Tequila Soda, a canned tequila drink in an eye-catching blue can. She appears to have been enjoying the lime margarita flavor, available alongside strawberry margarita, watermelon, and peach mango. Each drink comes in at 5% ABV and 100 calories per 12-ounce can.

Kelce also happened to invest in this canned cocktail brand earlier this year, which we're sure isn't a coincidence—between the Chiefs jacket, her Kansas City-red lipstick, and this can, Swift is a walking promo for #TeamKelce these days. And honestly, she looks so happy that we just can't get enough.

Caza Azul drinks are available across the country in California, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, and Florida, and can also can be ordered online. Made with real tequila and real soda water, the calories and nutrition content are exactly what you'd get from a non-canned tequila soda, with the added bonus that the portion is set for you upfront. While alcohol itself always contains some sugar, the healthiest way to indulge is with mixers that have no added sugar or calories like soda water—making tequila sodas like these, canned or uncanned, an optimal choice.

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Swift's drinking habits at these NFL games have made headlines once before, with a swiftly-memed photo of her holding up a pink drink in a plastic cup and hollering her approval at the field below. The drink was assumed to be a vodka cranberry, a slightly less low-cal choice than the tequila soda due to the added sugars typically found in cranberry juice.

Maine company Owen's Craft Mixers was quick to claim credit for what was in Swift's cup, with Portland's WJBQ radio station reporting that the pop star was drinking a mix of vodka, ice, and Owen's Sparkling Cranberry, available at major grocery chains across the country as well as online. This mixer comes in at 90 calories per 8 oz. serving, which isn't too bad, but with the 22 grams of added sugar, it makes up almost 50% of your recommended daily sugar intake, so you won't want to sip too many of these in a row.

That being said, alcohol is always an indulgence, and de-stressing is an important part of every healthy routine. Whatever had Swift smiling as widely as she was with these drinks in her hand—whether it was the liquor, the rush of the crowd, or the memory of her latest date night with Kelce—we'll have what she's having.

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