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Taylor Swift's KC Chiefs Appearance Is Inspiring Heinz to Create a "Seemingly Ranch" Sauce

For any fans who want to eat their chicken tenders like the beloved singer-songwriter.
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Taylor Swift's diehard fans (aka Swifties) have been filling up stadiums, stimulating the economy, and even crashing private events just to get up close and personal with the beloved singer-songwriter this year. Now, they can even eat like her, thanks to a brand-new Kraft Heinz condiment inspired by the latest viral Taylor Swift moment.

This past Sunday, Sept. 24, Swift was spotted cheering on Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce amid rumors that the two have struck up a romance (neither have directly confirmed the rumblings, but Swift was seen celebrating with Kelce after the Chiefs' win on Sunday). During the game, a fan account (@tswifterastour) posted a photo of the singer with a plate of chicken and condiments inside Kelce's Arrowhead Stadium suite with the caption: "Taylor Swift was eating a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch!"

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The post quickly turned into a major meme and went viral, racking up tens of millions of views and more than 51,000 likes. Now, mere days after the momentous Chiefs game, Kraft Heinz announced on Instagram that it will start selling a new "Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch" sauce in honor of Swift's and Kelce's rumored budding relationship.

"We know Heinz fans have an irrational love for the brand, and Swifties will do anything for their Pop queen, so it only made sense to blend the two together!" Kraft Heinz said in a statement shared with Eat This, Not That!

The company  will release 100 limited-edition bottles of the condiment sometime in the near future. But exactly where and when customers will be able to get their hands on them has yet to be announced.  Kraft Heinz said it is "working diligently" to produce the sauce bottles so it can release them to fans as soon as possible. It also advised people to check out their Instagram page for future updates on how they can get their hands on the sauce.


While Kraft Heinz has created a ketchup and ranch mashup in the past, fans were delighted by the new version of the sauce inspired by Swift and Kelce.

"You had the opportunity to do the funniest thing ever and you did!" one fan commented on the Instagram announcement.

"I seemingly want one," another said.

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People were also impressed at the sheer speed with which Kraft Heinz developed the new limited-edition product.

"Heinz is quick," one fan commented.

This isn't the only time that Swift has been honored in a food-related way this year. Back in May, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy officially named the "Taylor Swift Ham, Egg and Cheese" as the official state sandwich before the singer's Eras Tour came to East Rutherford's MetLife Stadium.

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