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This New CBD Product Can Dramatically Enhance Sex for Women

This new CBD serum is 90 percent effective at improving female sexual pleasure, a new company claims.

In 1998, the FDA first approved Viagra, normalizing the conversation surrounding male sexual pleasure. However, for the next two decades, the topic of the female orgasm remained taboo. Now, in the post-#metoo era, women are finally getting their sexual empowerment moment, making it the opportune time for one femtech company to capitalize with a new female orgasm enhancer.

Vella Bioscience, Inc. recently released Vella Women's Pleasure Serum, a pre-play serum clinically demonstrated to promote more frequent, intense, and satisfying orgasms for cis-women at every (consenting) age or life stage. The company boasts some big names in the field of sexual health, including Chief Scientific Officer Harin Padma-Nathan, MD, FRCS, FACS—who is best known for research that was instrumental in the creation of Viagra and Cialis.

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"The fear of labels and sex shaming have prevented women from claiming their fundamental right to sexual satisfaction," Bulbul Hooda, Brand Creator and Chief Marketing Officer of Vella Bioscience, Inc. tells ETNT Mind+Body. "However, we are seeing major changes in the cultural acceptance of female sexual pleasure in today's society. Over the last year, search terms 'signs of female arousal' and 'pleasure' were up 5,000%, 'sexual arousal disorder' was up 300%, 'sexual wellness products' was up 120% and 'G-spot' shot up by 170%."

They're not the first company to ride the waves of a cultural shift and capitalize on what appears to be a moment of sexual empowerment. A few weeks ago, the sex instruction website OMGYES teamed up with researchers from the Indiana University School of Medicine to publish a study in the academic journal PLOS One that revealed the newly named techniques women can do in bed to make sex more enjoyable.

Using proprietary CBD technology, Vella created their new serum that apparently works by penetrating the skin to relax the vaginal and clitoral smooth muscle tissue, encouraging arousal and orgasm. The serum is applied topically using just three pumps, almost immediately increasing blood flow and engorgement of the clitoris.

"Unlike most CBD products that claim to offer an overall full body effect, Vella provides a precise delivery. Our active CBD ingredient is a pure, nano-encapsulated molecule that allows exact and deep dosing."

During a volunteer-based study of women between the ages of 23 and 75, 90 percent reported an improvement in orgasm, out of which 60% felt an increase in their arousal, 60% experienced an increased intensity of orgasm, 50% enjoyed an increased ease of orgasm, 40% reported an increased frequency of orgasm, and 40% reported increased satisfaction with their orgasm. The serum is available in a single use dose ($8) and also a multi-use jar ($65) on Vella's website. They suggest applying it to the body 15-25 minutes prior to sexual activity or solo play.

It's worth noting that the company has received some high praise for their CBD sex products before. "To my surprise and delight, Vella delivered on its promises," wrote one PopSugar reviewer last year of Topical MannaSX Vella. (Note: Vella Bioscience is a spinoff company of Manna Molecular, the maker of Topical MannaSX Vella.) "The first thing I noticed after applying it was that I got aroused much quicker. This is especially beneficial to me because, as a responsive desire type, as opposed to spontaneous desire, sometimes it can take quite a bit of time and attention to turn me on. Most nights, this isn't an issue. But life can get busy and stressful, and sometimes I don't have the time or patience to wait for my mind to clear so I can drop into my body."

She goes on: "The ease of arousal quickly turned into increased stimulation throughout, enhancing the entire experience. Usually, I only feel pleasure with clitoral or direct G-spot stimulation, but when I used the serum, it's like my entire vaginal wall became filled with pleasure points." And for more sex news you can use, see here for The Sex Position That Secretly Helps You Sleep Better, Says New Study.

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