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Tom Hanks Just Launched His Own Coffee Brand and the Story Behind It Will Make You Swoon

This star has always been charitable, but now he's dedicating time to supporting the troops.

We all have at least one iconic role that warms our hearts when we hear the name Tom Hanks. For me, it's the character of Chuck Noland in Cast Away, but for others it may be Josh Baskin in Big, Woody in Toy Story, or his Oscar-winning portrayal of the box of chocolates-loving title character in Forrest Gump. His memorable movie moments may have made Hanks a household name, but people have fallen in love with him off the screen, too—even endearingly referring to him as "America's dad." But aside from being an adorable husband and talented actor, he is also known for being very philanthropic, as well.

Hanks has reportedly contributed to over 30 charities throughout his career, including organizations like UNICEF, Women's Cancer Research Fund, American Foundation for AIDS Research, and the Rainforest Foundation. Now, Hanks is using his love of coffee to help support U.S. veterans.

On Tuesday, Hanks announced the launch of his new coffee brand, HANX, on Instagram.

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"ALL PROFITS will go to organizations that support our veterans and their families (all profits means every nickel beyond the making and shipping and such)," Hanks wrote in an Instagram post. He also swears by the coffee itself. "It's good coffee-and you have some choices, and the site will feature other Veteran Service organizations. This is a win/win, starting with the magical elixir of Java/joe that makes a day better," the post continues.

According to the HANX website, the coffee brand is "proudly serving those who serve" by giving to various organizations that "provide critical resources and support" to veterans. They also acknowledge that there are many other companies out there who have been working to support vets, which they highlight on their website as their "Band of Brands."

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HANX coffee
Courtesy of Hanx

Right now, HANX offers ground coffee, coffee pods, and coffee sticks with blends like First Class Joe Medium, First Class Joe Dark, Morning Magic Blend, and Peppermint. In addition, the HANX website notes that all of the coffee is American-roasted, ethically sourced, and environmentally sustainable—meaning this brand is not only giving back in the final process of selling its beans, but it is committing to doing good work every step of the way.

So, if you're a fan of Tom Hanks or just want to know your coffee money is going to a good cause, you may want to try giving a bag of HANX for the holidays!

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