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Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Reporting an Abundance of Holiday Items

It's the best way to spread winter cheer!
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Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But a trip to Trader Joe's is downright delightful.

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, the cult-favorite grocery chain has stocked its shelves with seasonal goodies to help make your winter extra special. Even more, in the latest episode of the Inside Trader Joe's podcast, Tara Miller, vice president of marketing at Trader Joe's, revealed that the grocer is dropping a total of 473 holiday season products, with 403 of those being returning items. Yes, that means there are 66 brand-new products to try!

So it's fair to say that whether you're a peppermint fanatic or a gingerbread enthusiast, TJ's has got you covered. Here's a peek at just some of the crowd-sourced products that shoppers are currently raving about on social media.

Peppermint Hold the Cones

trader joe's mini peppermint flavored hold the cones
Brianna Ruback / Eat This, Not That!

Name something more adorable than a miniature ice cream cone. I'll wait. These handheld frozen treats feature chocolate cones filled with peppermint flavored ice cream that's been covered in a chocolate coating.

In an Instagram post announcing the product's return, numerous users flocked to the comments section to share their love for the item, with several stating that it's their favorite Hold the Cone flavor. Snag a box for yourself for $3.79!

Candy Cane Joe-Joe's

trader joe's candy cane joe-joe's
Brianna Ruback / Eat This, Not That!

For additional minty merriment, Trader Joe's recently released its Candy Cane Joe-Joe's—one of its most popular holiday items that's been spotted by multiple Reddit users.

Available for $3.49, the festive cookies consist of two chocolate wafers sandwiching a layer of candy cane-speckled vanilla cream. To take the Joe-Joe's up a notch, the grocery chain suggests pairing them with a cup of hot cocoa for a "wintertime indulgence."

Gingerbread Ice Cream

trader joes gingerbread ice cream
Brianna Ruback / Eat This, Not That!

What would a holiday season be without some gingerbread? In this new frozen dessert, Trader Joe's fuses the cookie's aromatic spices into a creamy ice cream, which is priced at $3.49. The ginger-spiced base is also mixed with TJ's Triple Ginger Snap Cookies and a gingerbread swirl for an extra gingery punch.

"I'm in love with it and it's breaking my heart because I know I have limited time 🥲," one Instagram user wrote on @traderjoeslist's Instagram post. "Ate in one sitting 😆," another person added.

Cookie Mug Hangers

trader joe's cookie mug hangers
Brianna Ruback / Eat This, Not That!

What's better than cozying up with a hot beverage in the winter? Having a cookie in tow. These spiced gingerbread person–shaped cookies are designed to hang on your mug of coffee, hot chocolate, or milk for added festive fun.

And it looks like they're quite a hit among shoppers, with many Instagram users hyping up the cookie. "😍 the best Christmas cookies hands down!," one person commented.

Boozy Macarons


While there are plenty of dessert drinks, a drink-inspired dessert isn't something you see every day. As Instagram user @traderjoesobsessed reported in a product review, "Not only are they gorgeous but you can taste the booze!"

Priced at $5.49 a box, these bite-sized sweets are made with premium rum, French XO brandy, and Cointreau® triple sec. Cheers to that!

Jingle Jangle Pretzel Twists

trader joe's jingle jangle pretzel twists
Brianna Ruback / Eat This, Not That!

This new sweet treat is a deconstructed—and reconstructed—spin on the fan-favorite Jingle Jangle. Available for $3.99, these salted pretzels are covered in a peanut butter candy coating and topped with mini chocolate candies and crushed Joe-Joe's.

After @traderjoeslist announced the product's debut, hundreds of people flocked to the comments section, with one person writing, "They're delicious! I put them out at a party and they were demolished in minutes."  Another Instagrammer echoed a similar sentiment: "I got 4 boxes on Friday to give as gifts, but I'm pretty sure I'll end up eating all of them. These are incredible."

Baked Lemon Ricotta Cheese

trader joe's baked lemon ricotta cheese
Brianna Ruback / Eat This, Not That!

This baked cheese—which multiple Trader Joe's shoppers have likened to cheesecake—is made with Italian-sourced ricotta that's been blended with a sweet lemon paste.

In an Instagram post announcing the product's long-awaited return, several users shared how they enjoy the sweet and tart cheese. "I add it to pancake mix with blueberries and use some for garnish on top 🤤," one person wrote. "Try it on TJ's triple ginger cookie thins! You won't regret it," another added.

Truffle Burrata

trader joe's truffle burrata
Brianna Ruback / Eat This, Not That!

Another popular cheese is back on the shelves, as reported by @traderjoeslist, whose Instagram announcement garnered hundreds of comments. Priced at $5.99, this seasonal item features fresh mozzarella cheese filled with cream and black truffle.

Not sure what to pair it with? Trader Joe's recommends serving it with pizza or pasta or on top of a simple salad drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Ratatouille Bites

trader joe's ratatouille bites
Brianna Ruback / Eat This, Not That!

One of Trader Joe's latest frozen food additions is a twist on the classic French dish. Each crispy bite is made with seasoned, roasted vegetables—eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes—coated and fried in Panko breadcrumbs.

Grab a box for $4.29 and pop them into the oven or air fryer. In terms of dipping sauce options, @traderjoesobsessed paired them with TJ's Unexpected Cheddar Cheese Spread, while some Redditors suggested marinara sauce, ranch, hummus, tzatziki, or Trader Joe's Vegan Creamy Dill Dressing.

Panoply of Organic Pasta

trader joe's panoply of organic italian pasta
Brianna Ruback / Eat This, Not That!

Whether you want to make a fancier-than-usual pasta dish or you're looking for a festive gift for your favorite foodie, Trader Joe's Panoply of Organic Pasta checks off all the boxes. Each set, which is available for $9.99, includes five types of pasta: Striped Farfalline, Striped Papillon, Lemon Flavored Torchietti, Striped Fischietti, and Ortolana Creste di Gallo.

In an Instagram post announcing the product's release, one user wrote, "saw this today! how fun for an inexpensive host/hostess gift 😍," while another one said, "My pasta dinner would turn out so cute with these 😍."

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