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The 2 Easy Steps to Lose 8 Pounds By Halloween

The end of summer means Halloween is just around the corner, and we can help you be the sexy black cat or shirtless gladiator you always wanted to be!

Although you can lose up to 10 pounds in 7 days with our flat belly tea cleanse, up to 18 pounds in 15 days with our rapid flat belly plan, or 16 pounds in 14 days with our best-seller Zero Belly Smoothies, there's something equally as exciting about a slow burn that builds into something unstoppable. Imagine taking just two steps to change your life—and not just in time to rock a cool costume. This customizable plan of action below empowers and trains you to lose weight permanently.

Although you may not be able to shed major weight at first, you can still easily and healthfully kick eight pounds to the curb by Halloween—by losing one pound a week, starting around Labor Day. It's a great way to jumpstart a more long term weight loss plan and the method is actually super simple.

Here's how it works: To lose one pound per week, you have to cut/save or burn 3,500 calories. When you break it down, that's just 500 calories a day. Our two-step method is to 1.) cut 250 calories from your daily diet and 2.) burn off the other 250 calories through exercise. It's way easier than it sounds, too!

To help you out, we asked Jess Horton, ACE Certified Personal Trainer at Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios, and Amy Shapiro, MS, RD, CDN, founder of Real Nutrition NYC, to come up with some relatable strategies that will either save or fry 250 calories. Mix things up daily so you don't get bored and fall off track—but if you do, consider tapping into these 36 Ways to Cut 50 Calories or More.

Last but not least: Keep in mind that this easy, two-step plan will only work if you don't indulge or slack off any more than you usually do!

Daily Step 1: Cut 250 Calories

Choose an easy method once a day:

•Don't eat the bun that comes with your burger. Enjoy the meat and toppings with a fork and knife.

•At the diner, order your omelet without cheese and skip the sausage.

•At brunch, order a side salad instead of home fries with your eggs.

•At Chipotle, pick cheese, sour cream, or guacamole as your topping—never two or three.

•Get a small ice cream cone instead of a large frozen yogurt with toppings.

•Order a Greek salad with grilled chicken instead of a Caesar salad.

•Order a croissant instead of a muffin.

•Drink water instead of your daily green juice.

•Order a tall latte instead of a venti.

•Leave the whip cream and syrup out of fancy coffee shop drinks.

•Order one sushi roll with the seaweed on the outside, a miso soup, and a bunch of sashimi instead of two rolls with the rice on the outside.

•Enjoy a whole apple instead of a few handfuls of dried fruit.

•At a restaurant, ask for a veggie appetizer like shishito peppers or crudités and skip the breadbasket.

•When dining out, order two appetizers instead of an appetizer and an entree.

Daily Step 2: Burn 250 Calories


Choose an easy method once a day:

For a 190-pound man:
•Run for 10 minutes at 6 mph.

•Swim at a moderate speed for 25 minutes.

•Practice yoga for 70 minutes.

•Dance at an aerobic level for 35 minutes.

•Strength training for 60 minutes.

•Spin for 25 minutes.

•Jump rope at a vigorous pace for 15 minutes.

•Row at a moderate rate for 25 minutes.

•Ski or snowboard at a light effort for 35 minutes.

•Box or hit a punching bag for 30 minutes.

For a 140-pound woman:
•Run for 15 minutes at 6mph.

•Swim at a moderate speed for 35 minutes.

•Practice yoga for 90 minutes.

•Dance at an aerobic level for 45 minutes.

•Strength train for 75 minutes.

•Spin for 35 minutes.

•Jump rope at a vigorous pace for 20 minutes.

•Row at a moderate rate for 20 minutes.

•Ski or snowboard at a light effort for effort for 35 minutes.

•Box or hit a punching bag for 40 minutes.

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