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Waiters Confess Their Biggest Pet Peeves

Hint: They don't like it when you fake a food allergy.

Waiters are the unsung heroes of the restaurant industry. They're tasked with making sure your order is placed quickly and accurately, in charge of keeping your glasses constantly refilled, and adhering to even the most difficult of customer demands, all with a smile. So it's no wonder some of these restaurant employees have gripes about their customers — turns out, the customer isn't always right.

Although servers will never tell you to your face, these are some of the most annoying pet peeves they have experienced while on the job, as posted to Reddit. Make sure you're not one of these irritating and entitled customers, and avoid these gaffes at all costs. And it's not just sit-down restaurants; there are secrets fast food employees don't want you to know, too.

Social Media Snappers

"Proceed to take ten million pictures of their food, and then complain that their food is cold." — Reddit user hotbrokemess

Constant Requests

"Request something extra (i.e. random sauce) upon receiving their food after three [to] four prior visits to the table. I mean, that's what the three [to] four visits were for and now here I am with four more tables than I did before." — Reddit user thatguywiththecamry

Bad Tippers


"Honestly, poor tipping. I can forgive and brush over just about anything as long as you're leaving a decent tip. I might be friendly and nice but really, I just want your money." — Reddit user MajorIndecision

Picky Eaters


"Asking for fresh bread. I don't bake it myself… Every restaurant you go to that serves bread, when you don't finish it, they put it in a warming oven and give it to the next group." — Reddit user ErrelevantNonsense

Trying to Get a Free Meal


"Proceed to consume [the] entire meal, then flag [the] server down to say you didn't like it and won't pay for it. Sucks to suck; you ate it, you bought it." — Reddit user h3tty

Free Loaders

"Order the cheapest thing on the menu, sit on the largest table, get your laptop out and use the free wifi while charging your laptop and your cell phone for hours. Extra points if you keep asking me to turn the music down or up depending on when you're on Skype or not. And of course, you're not going to leave a tip — you only bought a 50 cent cup of tea!" — Reddit user aballofunicorns

Indecisive Orderers


"Calling [me over] to order then you tell me you don't know what to pick and ask me to tell you what to eat. Or… calling me over and letting me know you aren't ready to order, and taking your sweet time looking at the menu wasting my time." — Reddit user fallout52389

Needy Customers


"People who constantly need my attention and send me back for one. Thing. At. A. Time." — Reddit user AmyAloha78

Fast Drinkers

"Finishing your soda/tea/water immediately after I drop it off. Just ask for two, I don't mind." — Reddit user PattyMac811

At Your Own Risk

"Me: 'This plate is very hot, let me set it down for you.'
Guest: (Nodding that they understand while reaching to grab the plate from me and getting upset that it's hot)." — Reddit user 3xcharm

A/C Patrollers


"Demanding I turn the air conditioning up or down because the world revolves around them." — Reddit user 3xcharm

Hands Are Full


"My guest or another server's guest stopping me while my arms are full of dishes to hand me something or ask me multiple questions as my arms begin shaking." — Reddit user 3xcharm

Fighting Over the Check


"Fighting over the check to the point of yelling at me for not taking their card first (I choose whoever asked for the check first) and/or proceeding to walk around to find me in the restaurant and demand me to delete their friend's payment." — Reddit user 3xcharm

The Pointers


"Expecting me to have eagle eyes as they point to what they want on the menu (small font) in silence when they are 3 seats away from me." — Reddit user 3xcharm

Always in the Way

"People who stand right next to the host stand, in the way of the silverware pans, the computer, etc. Then when I try to politely say, 'excuse me,' they look at me like I'm an idiot." — Reddit user N4U534

Not So Sweet Kids


"Number 1 is people who let their kids play with the sugar caddies. Most the time they end up getting the sugar packets wet or tearing them open or throwing them on the floor, so I end up having to throw them all out." — Reddit user mrscrawfish

Unique Take on Finger Food

"I hate when I drop a sandwich/wings/some form of finger food and the customer asks for a fork. If it's a big messy sandwich like BBQ pulled pork, I can understand. But you need a fork for your BLT in our divey pub? Drives me nuts for no reason at all. Sorry everyone who likes forks." — Reddit user sassylumberjackbitch

Faux Gluten Allergies


"'I have a gluten allergy' said with a 22 oz Sam Adams in front of them." — Reddit user Pillbugs_Guns

Call Ahead


"With all the technology nowadays, if you have more than six people in your group, call ahead… Even 15 minutes might be greatly appreciated." — Reddit user HollerOne

Sugar Please


"They order an unsweet tea. You return with the tea, then they ask you for sugar." — Reddit user Jondayz