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3 Ways Lauren Graham Makes 50 Look 35

Ward off belly fat and signs of aging with Lauren Graham's go-to products.

Best known for her role as Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Lauren Graham is as age-defying as she is talented. The 50-year-old star—who was featured in 2016 World's Most Beautiful edition of People—doesn't look a day over 35! But not in a creepy, she-totally-got-plastic-surgery kind of way. You know, the kind of ageless look we all crave.

So how does she pull it off? Graham strives to live a balanced life that includes exercise (she loves spinning classes and Pilates), a diet rich in protein and vegetables, and above all, lots of humor. But like anyone else, she also has some beauty and fitness products she relies on to make staying forever young a bit easier. We dug through some recent interviews to find out what her secrets weapons are. Here's what we discovered:

She Takes Care of Her Skin

To look her very best for red carpet events, Graham visits celebrity facialist Tracie Martyn. However, according to Tracie's publicist, Graham uses a sulfate-detergent-free Vitamin C wash to keep her skin looking young and glowy day-to-day. Stay away from these 30 Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30 and get your hands on the same product to keep your skin forever young too.

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She Uses a Heart Rate Monitor

Back in 2011, personal trainer Michelle Lovitt helped Graham get into amazing shape for her Self magazine cover—in less than two months. How did she do it? To ensure Graham was getting the most out of her daily 90-minute sweat sessions, Lovitt has her use a heart rate monitor.

"When you work out at 60 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate, you can keep your oxygen levels steady, so your body will burn only fat as fuel," Lovitt explained in an interview.

And no, in case you were wondering, the monitors on cardio equipment won't cut it. "Michelle taught me that heart-rate monitors on gym equipment are set for standard weights and ages, so you need your own," Graham says. Looking for even more must-try flat belly tips? Don't miss these 18 Ways Celebs Lose Weight Fast.

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She's Obsessed With Flavored Water

"I only like water when it tastes like a margarita," Graham joked in one interview. "Apparently, dehydration can sometimes lead to bloating, so drinking helps. [I like] flavored waters."

Not only can slight dehydration cause belly bloat, it can significantly drain your energy levels and make you feel hungrier. That said, it's smart that Graham found a way to enjoy sipping more of the stuff. To follow in her footsteps, make a batch of detox water in an infuser bottle or pick up a case of pre-flavored, bottled water, instead. Whichever option will make it more likely you'll actually drink more H20, is the option you should go with.

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